Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Loving the Pool

Seeing as I am relatively new in the world of food blogging, not having my computer and therefore the ability to upload pictures and share my day is really a weird feeling for me. I haven't taken pictures of my food for the last couple of days and while there hasn't been anything too exciting, besides a delicious Sunday night dinner, it's out of my new routine.

Anyways, last night I headed to the gym for my first non-pilates workout since I broke my foot! I took AquaFitness aka water aerobics with some lovely older ladies at my gym. I got to there early to foam roll my quads because they're sore trying to adjust to the new custom orthotics. It felt good, although slightly painful. I then attempted to swim a few laps before class started (with a kickboard) and made it oh, maybe 4 meters (and that's being generous) before the foot pain kicked in and I arm-stroked my way to the wall.

But, I'm ecstatic to report that I enjoyed AquaFitness! It was arms day in class so I didn't have to use my legs too much. When I did, I bicycled and didn't bend my toes or ankle on my left foot to protect the broken bone. The best 2 parts - I'm sore in my arms today (a wonderful feeling I've missed since February!!!) and my left ankle bends more and I can walk more normally than I have since this whole injury! Two big thumbs up for water aerobics! Tomorrow's class is legs so I'll be going to pilates instead but this is a great way to ease myself back into the wonderful world of exercise :-D

By the time I got home last night, I had a yogurt bowl with fruit and a slice of my favorite bread (it's back!) and got 8 solid hours of wonderful sleep. This morning I had blueberry hot cereal and lunch was a going away party for a colleague.

Tonight I'm doing some cooking and trying some new recipes so I'll be sure to photograph in hopes of sharing the results soon. It looks like my laptop is headed to the doctor to attempt to be fixed. Keep your fingers crossed!

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