Friday, May 21, 2010

London / Fog

Did you catch the season finale of Grey's Anatomy last night? I was so enthralled - it was dramatic, intense, and dare I say, epic. There was a slight cliffhanger but nothing too tormenting that it would drive me nuts for a few months. I ended up reading a magazine in bed for a bit to unwind from the intensity of the show. When it comes to anything scary, I'm a big chicken. The first movie character that scared me?  Ursula


I also was way to focused on the TV last night to blog, so here's part 1 of a recap of the past few days.

On Wednesday night I met a family friend in town from London for dinner with a couple of his colleagues. He and his wife were befriended by my parents in Dallas 25 years ago when they were sent there for work. They have a son my age who I was close to as a toddler and a second son who is my brother's age. We've kept in touch with multiple visits over the years which is great! It's fun having friends abroad.

We went to Peacock Cafe in Georgetown and it was the perfect night for walking into Georgetown. It seemed emptier than it usually does and the rain had finally stopped! I had actually never been to this restaurant before but it came highly recommended by my friend L. We started off with a glass of chardonnay that I sipped throughout our meal.  Deciding what to order was a tough choice because everything sounded delicious. I was very impressed that so many items on the menu were clearly marked as gluten-free which made finding a safe option effortless! Sorry for the blackberry photos - I was a food blogger on the sly :)

For my appetizer, I ordered the special: a local mushroom trio served over lavendar truffle oil polenta. Holy yum. This was amazing. Perhaps the best polenta I've ever had! Sadly I can't remember what each of the mushrooms were but they were all amazing. I liked the 2 on skewers the best.

Since we didn't sit down for dinner until 8:30, I didn't want to order anything too heavy for dinner. I got the large Med Salad with the dressing on the size and it was the perfect choice.

Dessert was fresh berries, of which I ate all the ones not under the whipped cream, maybe ~1cup.

Dinner was great. The food tasted good and we had great service. I ended up not getting home until 11pm but it was worth it to catch up with old friends. I headed for bed straight away. I've been exhausted this week and wanted me sleep.

Does anyone else go through phases where 7 - 8 hours of sleep is not enough? This whole week I feel like I've been in a fog and especially today I am struggling to get through this fog and fend off a migraine that is reminding me I'm headed for if I don't relax :-/

There were 2 great bowls of hot cereal on Wednesday and Thursday. One had mixed berries topped with crushed almonds and 1/2T PB and the other had blueberries topped with 1/2T roasted flax almond butter and crushed almonds and far less cinnamon than I usually use. Plus an egg white both days.

Lunch Wednesday was this delicious mix: 1c frozen spinach, 1/2c edamame, ~1/2c brown rice. All stir-fried with garlic powder, red pepper flakes, and GF soy sauce. This held me over quite well until I got home from work.

Since I wasn't meeting up with my family friends til late on Wednesday I had a salad (nothing exciting) and a few chips and salsa.

Thursday's snack was a pear with a light drizzle of PB while I worked on dinner.

Here's a sneak peak of Thursday's dinner. I tried a new vegetable and a new recipe!

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  1. I really like scary movies, but I have to admit that I spent most of my childhood being terrified of the woman from The Goonies. You know that scene where she threatens to jam the kid's hand in the blender? Yeah, nightmares.