Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Mother's Day, Mom

My parents left for a 2 week trip to Italy on Friday, something they have been planning and looking forward to for months. I am excited that my mom is finally going to the country where her parents were born and gets to experience the wonders of Italy!

This also means that I had to do a bit of planning to make sure she got her Mother's Day package before she left. I'm proud to report it was a success!

In honor of the woman who has raised me, taught me too many life lessons to list, and shown me what it means to be an advocate for yourself and others, to never give up, to be a fighter, and so much more, here are a few highlights of moments with Mom from the last few years.

Mom's Weekend 2007 - she joined our pre-game and then drove us downtown. Amazing

College Graduation

Always encouraging a smile and fun, even when you may not feel like it

After surviving Breast Cancer, we walked 39.3 miles for Breast Cancer awareness and treatment. I walked in celebration of her beating this disease!

My mom, my friend, mentor, teacher, advocate and more.

Love you!!

This woman has done more for me than I can even recall and is amazing. Happy Mother's Day, Mom as well as to all the other moms out there!

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