Monday, May 3, 2010

Technical Difficulties

Hi friends! This is just a quick note to let you know that blogging is on hiatus due to some technical difficulties. My laptop has decided not to load my operating system and despite many tricks, still won't work :(  I'm hoping to still be able to blog on my lunch hour but loading pictures will be more challenging. I'm hoping to have good news to share soon!


I had a great weekend full of tours of embassies, celebrating birthdays, and a surprise dinner with my grandparents-in-law who were visiting my aunt's brother and wife. Did ya follow ;)

We went to Maggiano's where we had a delicious Italian feast. My family has longed this restaurant for the festive decor, quality food, and overall, great experience. Last night, my expectations were exceeded! Upon ordering, I mentioned to the server that I was gluten free and asked for a modification when he politely stopped me. He explained how seriously they take allergies and that the chef would be coming out to speak with me.

When Chef Kevin arrived, he went over our order (we did the family style meal) and let me know what was naturally gluten free, what could be modified, or how he could custom-cook something for me in lieu of what the table had ordered. The attention to detail was much appreciated as he noted all of my allergies on his notepad!

Our first course came out a bit slower than usual, because everything was made from scratch, but it was all worth the wait! I enjoyed this treat meal SO much and was so appreciative of Maggiano's going the extra mile to ensure a safe and delicious dining experience. My family was also extremely impressed and we all agreed that this was yet another reason to like this restaurant so much!

Tonight I am going to the gym after work (!!!) for a new class, doctor-approved: Aqua Fitness. I'm hoping that this no-impact class will give me a much needed cardio workout as I've missed those over the past couple of months with my foot. I'm enjoying life in my sneakers, even if they look ridiculous with most of my outfits. It beats the walking cast any day!

I'll hopefully be seeing you soon :)

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