Monday, May 10, 2010

[Not So] Life Changing

How was everyone's Monday? Mine was your typical Monday with a couple of great things thrown in!

It all began this morning with an egg white and some hot cereal with strawberries mixed in, 1/2T PB on top.

Snacked on a prune

Since it's still pretty cool here I knew I was going to want something warm for lunch. Last week, when I was on blogging hiatus due to a dead laptop, I tried out this recipe featuring rainbow Swiss chard, which I had never tried before. This soup recipe came out well and was really easy to make. The best part - it tasted creamy because of the beans but there was no oil or cream in the recipe! I mixed in just a bit of brown rice (maybe 1/8c) for some added bulk plus kale chips and a few slices of roasted eggplant.

I had my afternoon snack in 2 parts because of my plan to go to water aerobics again. First I had an apple and then when I got home I had some PBJ toast with this AMAZING new almond butter I picked up. I had seen the peanut variety before this chica wrote about the almond butter and have been stalking my local TJs in hopes that it was on my shelves. Today was the day! This nut butter may have changed my expectations of nut butters for life...

Water aerobics was great, again. I actually hopped into the pool about 10 minutes early to swim some laps. Total, I swam  about 1/4 of a mile which wasn't bad considering I mainly used my arms and not my legs to kick. I did try kicking for a few laps and had 0 foot pain! Hooray!  I'm back at the doctor again in the morning and am hoping to continue this positive trend. I seriously am proud that I a) tried to kick, even after last week's pain, b) did more than my 1 hr class, and c) I'm not pushing myself to recover and start working out too quickly. I've said it before and I'll say it again - I need my feet for the rest of my life so I want to heal this injury the right way. It's kind of life changing for this to be my new outlook :)

Since I had a heavier afternoon snack, I wasn't too hungry when I got home but knew I needed to refuel. I had some TJs Cuban black beans over 1/4c brown rice and wilted spinach plus roasted radishes, zucchini, and ketchup-topped carrots. Plus a pear with 1/4T PB and cinnamon.

I have some work to do and am hoping to be in bed soon.


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