Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Farm Fresh

On Sunday, I took a trip to my local farmer's market with the goal of picking up the 1 item I needed. In addition to that, I stumbled upon some amazing looking golden and red beets and decided that I would treat myself to one of my favorite vegetables.

In total, there were about 10 beets between the 2 bunches and the bunches together probably weighed a few pounds. That's a lot of greens!

I spent some time prepping the greens, cutting the beets off and soaking the greens 2x to loosen and rinse away the dirt. I scrubbed and then wrapped each beet individually and placed them in a preheated oven (400 degrees) and roasted them until tender, about 1 hour.

When the beets were done, I unwrapped them and let them sit until cool enough to handle. The bottoms were cut off and the skins peeled off with ease. These beauties are the fruits of my labor:

I made a twist of this dish using the large bunch of golden beet greens. The greens had water left in them so I didn't add any extra broth or water which yielded a hearty batch of greens with some veggie broth as well. Sooo good!

For lunch today, all I could think of was the beets sitting in my fridge and I knew it was time to put them to good use. With some cheese toast on the side, behold a beast of a salad:

  • ~3-4c spinach and mixed greens
  • 1c sliced golden and red beets
  • dill and oregano
  • 1/4c white beans
  • 1 diced carrot
  • ~1tsp crushed almond slices
  • balsamic vinegar
This was a solid combination which I am excited to have again soon! And it was fresh, mostly local, and naturally gluten free!

Pre-gym snack was an apple with cinnamon and PB. Once at the gym, I completed all of my physical therapy exercises plus Day 1 of this weight-lifting plan. All the lifting I've done since my injury is paying off - I had to move up 2.5lbs for all of the exercises! At least some things have gotten stronger since my injury :) 

I wasn't too hungry after I got home but ate this small dinner as I watched the Biggest Loser finale: 1 serving TJs cuban black beans with a small sweet potato and beet greens.


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