Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Rain, rain, go away!

The cloudy weather seems to be affecting my memory because I had a whole idea for tonight's post and can't remember any of it! It must be time for bed...

This morning started off with some AB&J hot cereal with some of my fig jam and the dangerous new TJs discovery. Seriously, I can't keep finge utensils out of that Pandoras box jar. There was also an egg white.

Lunch was in 2 parts because I wanted to end with something warm and comfy. First I had more kale chips and a salad with fresh radish and roasted zucchini.

Then I had black beans and rice (this used to be a favorite gluten free and vegan stand-by that my mom would bring home from Whole Foods for me. I was a weird snacker as a kid, what can I say?). There was about 1/3c brown rice and 1/2c of the Cuban black beans.

Around 2:30 I got munchy and had some blueberry tea and a prune and dried peach half.

Afternoon snack #2 was a serving of plain fat free yogurt with frozen mixed berries (less than 1/4c) mixed in and more TJs almond butter from heaven. This power snack held me over for 3 hours! Winner!

(this x2)

After work I had yet another appointment with my orthopedist. My stress fracture is healing slowly but surely! There is less pain each week which is great. I don't wear the foam padding inside my shoe anymore - just my special orthotics. The downside is that I have some kind of infection or something on my toe joint which I'm now treating. Oy.  I'm determined to get this foot healed by summer.

I came home and did a mini workout since I was too lazy to go back out to the gym. I did a few Self exercise cards and dusted off an old friend - 30 Day Shred. You'd think I would remember that this is what probably got me into my boot in the first place... I did NOT do the entire DVD - during the cardio parts I did the punches or walked in place. It felt good to work out my arms and abs though! I think Jillian is going back on the shelf though because I'm having some joint pain now.

Dinner during the Biggest Loser was Thai inspired. My basil plants that I got on Earth Day are thriving and I was anxious to use some to flavor my dinner. I baked a block of extra firm tofu at 400 for ~30 minutes that I pressed and sprayed with non-stick spray. When the tofu was almost done, I stir-fried broccoli, sliced bell pepper, mixed veggies, and half a tomato with garlic powder, fresh chopped basil, and soy sauce. At the very end I mixed in rice.

All together:

This was a light, flavorful meal that kept me full until weigh-in time. That's when my freezer was calling my name: 1/2c vanilla So Delicious ice cream on top of 1/2c chopped mango. In the background is the last bite of ice cream with more almond butter. It's dangerous, see?!

This cloudy-headed girl is going to head to bed. My hips are kind of achy and I'm hoping they feel better in the morning!

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