Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Happy Go Lucky

My tantrums of Monday quickly faded away into a new and sunny day yesterday! I still have no reason for my case of the Terrible Twos but I can tell you that after taking my iron supplements again I seem to be in a better mood. Welcome to life being anemic I guess. Thank you gluten intolerance :)

Breakfast was a berry good bowl of hot cereal: the usual base (BRM hot cereal and buckwheat, 1/4c almond milk, 3/4c water, 1/2T chia seeds, cinnamon) with a generous 1/2c of berries mixed in. There were strawberries, raspberries, and blueberries, all topped with 1/2T PB and crushed almonds and cacao (which is a good source of iron!). Plus an egg white.

I actually came home for lunch to get in a little movement and to whip up something fresh. I dusted off a (new) old favorite recipe: Spring Greens Soup! This batch contained:
  • 1/2c diced onion and celery
  • 3/4c chopped parsley
  • 4 oz potat veggie broth
  • .5c water
  • 3c spinach
  • 3c mixed greens
  • 1.25c frozen broccoli florets
  • garlic, salt, pepper, to taste
The whole batch clocked in right around 300 calories, 1g fat, and 21g fiber!  I had a generous 1c serving along with toast topped with 1/2 a slice of provolone cheese.

This combo held me over quite well (~3 hours) and I was happy when snack time rolled around. A little fun fact about me: I would often have 3 "afternoon" snacks in elementary school. In the 6th grade we were allowed to have an afternoon snack, so I (always hungry at this age) had a plastic baggy with potato chips or some something similar. Then when I got home I'd have another snack (or sometimes 2). This could include, and I kid you not, carrots, fruit, or a salad, an Uncle Ben's rice mix like my favorite - Chicken and Broccoli (before we knew it was definitely not GF), or barbecue beans either of which I would cook up on my own. Of course, then it was off to various sports practices or to play outside for hours until dinner. I definitely earned my childhood nickname of "the Bottomless Pit"  :-D

This afternoon snack was a fun mix of foods: a Persian cucumber purchased from the farmers market this weekend, Fuji apple with some AB, and 1/3c of heaven Nature's Path Crunch Maple Sunrise cereal. I will be sharing my thoughts on this cereal later but just know that it's fantastic!

I ran some errands after work including a trip to the bookstore. 3 books and a Logic Puzzle magazine later, I headed over to Whole Foods. I had 1 item on my list and left with only that item (which cost under $1). Cheapest WF trip yet!

Dinner was my last Bistro veggie burger on half of an English muffin (topped with BBQ and hot sauce) and various roasted veggies. Tuesdays have become burger / barbecue night in the Gluten Free Grazer house and I like having that routine!

Of course, my snack of the other half of English muffin and Asian pear was consumed while watching my favorite part of Tuesday - Biggest Loser. They were in Dallas on last night's show and I got teary-eyed a few times! This show is one of my biggest sources of inspiration to stay healthy and I ended up doing a bunch of arm and abs exercises during it.  I really love the show!

I didn't fall asleep as easily as I would have hoped but I'm just kind of rolling with it. My day was a break from the norm and I'm factoring in the copious amounts of sleep I got over the weekend.

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