Saturday, April 10, 2010

DC Food Blogger Lunch

Happy Saturday!  I tweeted this morning about wishing I was able to run on such a gorgeous day and in the end, I've found plenty of other ways to be out and enjoying this perfect spring weather. What's not to be happy about when little gardens like this spring up in the oddest of places?! (this would be from a traffic circle)

I woke up early to sunshine and did a bit of weights and ab work in my apartment. Refueled with a pear topped with cinnamon and a drizzle of AB plus an egg white on GF toast and then it was time to get ready.

Ready for what? A DC area food blogger lunch!  I was excited to meet other food bloggers in the area plus a few who's blogs I enjoy on a daily basis. We met for lunch at a restaurant called Toscana Grill just outside of downtown DC.

The restaurant is vegetarian, vegan, and gluten free friendly which made it a perfect choice for our lunch today. They are also running a special during the month of April where they only offer a vegan menu. I thought that this was really unique but the gluten free options were not labeled on the menu. In fact, there seemed to be less options for me on this menu. Not to worry though - I still found something delicious and this meal was more about the people than the food!

I connected with a few great bloggers and enjoyed our conversations. I always get excited to meet people with an interest in clean foods, are vegetarian or gluten free, and who love to eat, just like I do! I really had a blast.

We dined outside in the gorgeous sunshine where it wasn't too hot out. All of the food everyone ordered looked great. I got the Tofu Berry Salad with mixed greens, strawberries, blueberries, sliced almonds, dried cranberries, and silken tofu. I nixed the silken tofu (don't like the texture) and had the berry vinaigrette on the side. It was delicious and I cleaned my plate!

We took our time after lunch chatting and continuing to get to know one another. A couple of people brought cookies for dessert (which weren't GF) that looked delicious! I can't wait for another meet up in the future. To all of my new friends running the Cherry Blossom 10 Miler tomorrow, good luck!

After the meet-up I stopped into Crate & Barrel where I picked up a few goodies as well as Whole Foods. I stumbled upon the new-to-me Andi Food Scoring system at this WF and picked up a couple of GF grains - roasted buckwheat and a new one: millet! The Andi scores are definitely helpful in making wise food choices.

Hungry again, I got a few prepared salads of: broccoli, carrot and cabbage; artichoke and leek, black beans and rice, and veggies for a second mini lunch and an Honest Tea green tea. I noticed that the company now labels there products as gluten free (among many others)!

It's time to rest my foot in preparation for 2 birthday celebrations tonight. Can't wait!

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