Friday, April 30, 2010

The Best Kind of Friday

You know those days - where there's a perfect mix of work, meetings, and a great lunch that just makes the day fly by? I enjoy those day, especially when the weekend is waiting at the end of it!

Breakfast was... raspberry vanilla hot cereal. It's still been cool in the mornings so I'm enjoying my favorite breakfast while I still can!

A mid-morning meeting brought about lunch somewhat surprisingly yet I was happy to head out to eat. After the Cherry Blossom Brunch at the beginning of the month, I discovered that Quinn works right near my office. Since she is wrapping up her time in DC, we had planned to meet up once more before her move. A reader Ashley met us as well as Quinn's favorite sushi spot - Kaz Sushi Bistro.

Ashly was so sweet - when she arrived, she had cupcakes in tow for Quinn and she brought me some of my favorite hot cereal! I really couldn't thank her enough for this gesture. Thanks again Ashley!!

There were 2 things I noticed right away on the menu: 1 - that they add dashi (seafood broth) to their soy sauce and 2 - they actually tell you that it's mixed in! This helped me avoid an allergic reaction for which I was extremely grateful. The waitress was also helpful in identifying a couple of dishes that were safe for me to choose.

I ordered the Chicken Teriyaki Bento which came with rice, seaweed salad, and what I think was tempura tofu. I inhaled my seaweed salad as we talked and made a small dent in the chicken and rice.

The conversation was great as well - Quinn wrote a great re-cap as well. While lunches won't be possible, I'm sure we will see one another again with the great DC-area blogger community we are proud to be a part of.

My afternoon included a celebratory awards picnic outside which wasn't a horrible way to spend a sunny afternoon ;)  It was quitting time as soon as I got back to campus and I ran an errand before heading home.

I had a small bit of plain NF yogurt with a bit of cereal, cleaned up my apartment (I love to start the weekend off with it clean), and then headed out for a short walk and more errands. Along the way I spotted this

I'll be sharing more about this little sign over the weekend. Any guesses what it's for and why I noticed it?

It took a while for my dinner appetite to kick in but once it did I just couldn't fill up. I started with a salad with about ~1/4c kidney beans and corn, veggies, and romaine and spinach mix. Plus tortilla chip crumbs with some cheese.

Then I had a generous 1/3c brown rice with half a roasted zucchini, bell pepper, and mushrooms which I roasted and topped with soy sauce.

There was some more cereal and then ~1/8c defrosted frozen berries, almost a serving of Coconut Milk Vanilla ice cream topped with a bit of PB and a few more nibbles of rice. Fullness finally came after this!

I'm calling it an early night because I have an exciting day planned for tomorrow. Have a good night!

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