Monday, April 26, 2010

A Case of the Terrible Twos

Not once, but twice in the last 24 hours I have been on the verge of a temper tantrum. Kind of like the ones little kids have, where they want to scream, stomp their feet, and get their way. No, I'm not 2 but I'm going to blame these little episodes on my Type A tendencies and not enough sleep. Just another manic Monday...

I spent part of my afternoon relaxing and lounging around which is exactly how some part of Sunday should be spent in my opinion. A little before lunch I decided to make kale chips with a large bunch of kale I had purchased. I enjoyed some along with leftover greens over ~1/4c brown rice plus a pear with cinnamon and PB.

I ventured out a bit later to take a short stroll sans boot (as approved by the doctor) through a newly discovered part of my neighborhood. I'm still baffled at how I could have lived in the same area for almost 3 years and not know that this quiet little suburban oasis exists in between 2 of the busiest streets in the city!  As I walked home I decided to treat myself to a manicure. It was a good idea at the time...

I have a place I love going to, where the service is reliable and the wait is practically nothing. However, I had the exact opposite experience. I wasn't told there was a wait, just that I would be helped in a minute. 45 minutes later, just as I was ready to walk out, the manicurist sat down. And it all went downhill from there. I love the color I got but am still not happy 1) about the service that I received and 2) that I had an internal temper tantrum through the whole thing and am still pretty irked about it.

To cheer myself up I stopped to get some frozen tangy yogurt, which was topped with strawberries, pear, and walnuts. It was yummy and made things right in the world... until I started to get itchy aka the start an allergic reaction. Last year I was able to enjoy this treat but it seems like fro yo will be a favorite past-time from now on. You live and learn.

All weekend long I'd been craving a big bowl of black bean soup, which is exactly what I had for dinner. I had 1.5 servings topped with hot sauce and a sprinkle of parm with 4 or 5 tortilla chips with a bit of cheese melted on top. There was also a side salad in there for some veggies :-) 

Bedtime snack was an apple with cinnamon and a slice of toast.

I ended up tossing and turning for most of the night until about 5am and then slept soundly until my alarm clock went off. I wasn't feeling rested at all so it will probably be an early night for me.

Breakfast was hot cereal with 1/4c almond milk, 1/2T chia, about 1/2c berries: blackberries, strawberries, blueberries, and a couple of raspberries. All topped off with cinnamon, 1/2T PB, and crushed almond slices and cacao. Fun, fruity, and different.

Lunch was being provided for us at work today at 1pm and I was in dire need of a snack around noon. I had this fruit and nut bar in my desk drawer and decided to eat half of it to hold me over. It smelled delicious - sweet and like maple syrup. I was excited to try it!

Well, after eating half of this piece, my mouth and throat started to get really itchy and I had another allergic reaction. These bars are gluten and dairy free so I should have been fine but wasn't. Food attempt #2 = fail.

After lots of water I was ready for our lunch meeting. However, the only gluten-free friendly option was a salad with mixed greens and tomatoes. I had a plateful with a bit of dressing and was hungry as soon as our meeting let out.

In search of real food, I got the Vegetarian Chili from Au Bon Pain which is low fat, vegan, and gluten free! It was extremely flavorful and exactly what I was craving. I poured half over some more salad greens and finished the rest on its own. I rounded out my meal with an orange.

4 hours later, after a trip to Trader Joe's (and tantrum #2) and cleaning my kitchen, I started to think about dinner. The lunch I had was a powerful combo! I roasted a tray of various veggies and made some brown rice with vegetable broth for extra flavor.

Dinner was a serving of leftover baked beans, kale chips and roasted carrots, and 1/2c brown rice topped with 1/2 a roasted zucchini, 1/2 a roasted bell pepper, and eggplant slices with a bit of feta, hot sauce, and balsamic vinegar. This was so good! Fresh, simple, and very little clean up (!!). I felt like I was dining on the Mediterranean with those flavor combinations.

Now I'm trying to stretch out my lower back and hips which have been giving me trouble all day. 9 weeks in this walking cast is really starting to wear on me I think. I'm hoping for good news during my appointment on Thursday!

I might have some fruit and I think for my sake (and those who I interact with) I'm going to get to bed early to avoid any more tantrums :-)

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