Thursday, April 1, 2010

Thank Goodness it's Almost the Weekend

Tuesday and Wednesday at home just seemed to fly by. The only thing that really put a damper on things were my allergies - I felt like I had a cold both days :-/

I flew back to DC yesterday afternoon, threw together a quick egg white omelet and went to bed. Sadly, I couldn't fall asleep for 3 hours so needless to say when I woke up this morning, I was more than tired.

I had a yogurt bowl with 1/3c Greek yogurt, pear, 1/4c berries (blueberry and strawberry) all topped with cinnamon and 1/2T almond butter. (had the same Wednesday at home)

I stayed pretty full for the morning at work and then hunger attacked my around 11:15. My stomach needed food then and there! By the time I could escape to pick up a salad, it was 11:45 and I didn't eat til noon. I was one hangry girl. I had a monster salad with spinach and romaine, beets, bell peppers, carrots, broccoli, artichoke hearts, and balsamic vinegar.

That held me over for a couple of hours and then I picked up a plain baked potato, which I topped with salt, pepper, a bit of cheese, and hot sauce.

Ran to the grocery stores after work - my fridge was pretty bare! I did manage to eat a pear w/ AB and some potato chips in between since I was hungry again.

For dinner tonight, I whipped up a Spring Greens Soup, inspired by this recipe. I sliced and roasted my mushrooms for the topper (along w/ a bit of parm) and added a large stalk of kale and tsp of spirulina. I also subbed in vegetable broth instead of chicken. It was really tasty! Light, fresh, and filling. The leftovers will be a great lunch for tomorrow!

Alongside the soup I had a salad and a roasted sweet potato.

I just finished roasting some carrots and parsnips to have on hand and am pooped.

Hopefully I'll stay awake for Grey's Anatomy and then it's early to bed for me. Hooray for Friday being so close!

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