Thursday, April 15, 2010

Grateful for Bloggers...and Twitter

This morning I had another doctor's appointment for my foot. Here's the update:
  • After taking new x-rays, it appears that my sesamoid bone is slowly but surely healing. "It looks much better than it did when I first came in." Those words brought me a lot of relief after a week of post-cortisone pain and bruising!!
  • I have this crazy tape get-up on my foot to really offset any pressure on the bone. Hopefully this really nudges me towards healing, as my doctor feels like it will!
  • We aren't talking surgery yet! Please please please let me avoid that :)
  • At some point, physical therapy will happen. It may happen sooner with some electro-therapy to reduce pain, but it's a waiting game.
  • I go back in 2 weeks, which will be the longest stretch I've gone without visiting my doctor since the injury. It's a good thing the office staff like me!

    I did have a mini-break down during the appointment, partially due to relief that things are getting better and not worse and partially out of frustration. Right now I have a lot of jealousy of the runners, bikers, and walkers I see getting to enjoy this beautiful spring weather while I get to sit and elevate my foot. I know that if I don't do this now, I'll never be able to enjoy those activities again so it's worth the investment. I kind of feel like Adam Sandler from Big Daddy though (and no, I would NEVER do this to someone):

    Did you enjoy your free Starbucks coffee in honor of Tax Day? I sure did! It made my feel a bit better after my appointment. I tweeted a quick update on my foot and have to say, after Saturday's meet up, I am so glad to have made new blogger friends. A few of them said they'd be cheering me on towards recovery and I had a few respond to my tweet, reminding me that today's news was good news. It gave me a whole new perspective on the situation and has motivated me to keep doing what I'm doing. So, thank you to those ladies :-)

    Coffee so late in the morning kept me full for a good while longer and it wasn't until 4.5 hrs after finishing breakfast that I got hungry for lunch. I started with some kale chips and then had the rest of my veggie stir fry with a serving of tofu, all over a bed of romaine. Plus an apple.

    Because lunch was so late, I didn't snack until I got home and made a mini smoothie with 1/2c frozen berries, 1/2c almond milk, 1/4c water, 1.5 handfuls of spinach, and a pinch of cacao nibs. Topped with ~1/2 T of a new Enjoy Life cereal. They sent me a sample and I've been snacking on it for a while. I love this - simple, crunchy, and dynamic in smoothies, yogurt, and more.

    Then I got started on dinner which was inspired by another blogger's meal earlier this week.  I made a stuffed pepper featuring a new grain: millet, which I had picked up at Whole Foods last weekend.

     (raw millet)

    This is what it looked like raw (before I toasted it). And this is what it looked like cooked (1 part grain, 2 parts water - just like rice). It's like a gluten-free couscous with a slightly sharper bite. I really liked it!

    While the millet simmered away, I sauteed some mushrooms, celery, onion, and kale in a non-stick sprayed skillet. I added a couple of splashes of veggie broth, garlic powder, and paprika which gave the mixture a sweet yet smokey flavor that made these veggies taste amazing!

    Half of the veggies were mixed with 1/4c millet, 1/4c black beans and 1/2 an ounce of feta, then stuffed into a hollowed out bell pepper. Then I rubbed the outside with a bit of olive oil and baked for ~25 minutes at 400 degrees.

    Snacked on a chip with some refried beans while the pepper cooked.

    This pepper was great!! I topped it with hot sauce and some honey mustard dressing which enhanced all of the flavors. I loved that the top got crunch too! I also tried my first Asian pear sprinkled with cinnamon. It was much sweeter than the pears I normally eat and juicier as well. I liked it and hope to pick up a few more at the farmers market this weekend.

    I did some work and was ready for a snack a few hours later. I had another waffle and the last ~1/3c of chocolate Soy Delicious ice cream with some berries and PB. It was a perfect way to end the night.

    Off to bed - I have a big weekend coming up:  happy hour with friends, my dad is in town for some business stuff, and a baseball game on Sunday! Should be good fun :-)

    What are you up to this weekend?

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