Saturday, April 3, 2010

Cold vs. Allergies

I was really hoping that the allergy medication I bought on Thursday would have cured my feelings of ickyness when I woke up yesterday. Alas, after 8.5 hours, I was still feeling achy and congested.  I still chugged along as usual and made it through the work day.

I fueled up with another yogurt mess. The exact same as I've had all week - once I find a filling breakfast, I tend to stick with it.

I munched on an apple on my way to have lunch with a friend who works on campus. We ate and caught up which was really nice!  I had this plate x3 = dab of cabbage salad and 1/4 of a veggie stack with red bell pepper, carrot, portabello mushroom, and maybe some pesto? It was delicious!

 (pardon the smartphone picture)

I snacked on the last portion of my greens soup later in the afternoon.

When I got home I was really not feeling well. I took some medicine and snacked on a pear topped with cinnamon and AB.

Dinner was a weird mixture of: salad, carrot and parsnip fries, and a macaroni and cheese with 1/2c of Passover pasta, parsley and basil, and ~1/8c parmesan. It was warm and comforting, oh so good.  I little bit later I had about a cup of veggie broth with a bit more pasta.

I then called it a night. 11 hours of sleep later, with dreams including running a 10k, losing my right sneaker (the only one I can currently wear bc of the cast), and being at a Bar Mitzvah, I'm still feeling pretty ick. My guess is that this is a virus or cold and I'm trying to get in my liquids!

Breakfast was an egg white with provolone cheese and hot sauce and an apple and berries with cinnamon.

Not too much on the agenda for the day - just trying to feel better!

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