Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Out of Control

The past few days have felt kind of wild to me, like no matter how much I try to plan and take control things just go the other way. My allergies have been giving me a lot of trouble, but nothing compared to my stomach. After dinner last night I developed a stomach ache which lasted until lunchtime today! It was not fun and definitely made me feel helpless as I sat at work hunched over :-/

I am starting to feel like I'm broken and just want that control back!  I also found out today that while my foot is healing, it's not progressing as much as the doctor would like. This means I'm going in for Cortisone Shot #2 later this week. I hated the first but there's nothing I can do. I need my foot to be functional!!

The one thing that I have had control over is my food. Rather than recap all of my meals, I wanted to share a list of the top Passover meals that have helped me make it through a week without carbs (minus potatoes). I cannot wait to welcome rice, beans, grains, etc. back into my diet in just a couple of hours!

Until then, these are some of my Passover favorites:

Apples and Pears with Almond Butter

Roasted veggies (beets, kale, parsnip, carrots, and brussel sprouts!)

K for P gluten free pasta (made with potato starch and potato flour)

Spring Greens Soup


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