Sunday, April 25, 2010

Taking it Easy

Hey everyone. It's been a quiet and kind of low key weekend so far. They can't all be so exciting, right? I've done my fair share of relaxing so far, including sleeping til 11:30 yesterday and 10 today. I guess I was tired.

Friday wrapped up pretty uneventfully. I started the morning with Blueberry Vanilla hot cereal topped with AB and 1/2T of superfruit spread. It was an extra sweet treat to start the day with.

Lunch was the rest of my salad from Mixt Greens topped with a couple of crushed Mary's Gone Crackers. I loved the crunch! And an apple with some AB smeared on.

A friend and I decided to cook and relax on Friday night, which was perfect. There definitely was a Say Yes to the Dress marathon. I had a small salad before she came over. We cooked a greens dish similar to this one I made in February, but with the addition of tomato sauce and mixed greens and no carrot. We enjoyed it over some polenta, yum.

The night wrapped up with an Asian pear and a bit of cereal and then it was bed time. When I woke up yesterday I have to admit I was proud of my waking hour. It was an overcast day and I didn't have any plans. And, the extra rest will hopefully help with healing my toe. One can wish, right?

I had an English muffin - one half with an egg white and hot sauce, one with Earth Balance, and a pear with cinnamon and AB.

Then I got distracted with chores and a writing project that just kind of popped into my head. Despite blogging and writing for work, I'm one to prefer to talk things out of give a speech, not write. I surprised myself yet kind of enjoyed writing for fun, with no pressure of a deadline or of getting it right.

My afternoon "snack" (since breakfast was at 12) was a salad with romaine, a carrot, sprouts, dried cranberries, almond slices, and a bit of feta dressed with honey mustard dressing plus an apple with cinnamon and AB.

I babysat and watched Friday's episode of Food Revolution - I have loved watching this show and seeing how Jamie Oliver is trying to reform food habits in America. I'm also  not surprisingly discouraged by the government being the enforcer of all of these bad food habits. It's really a shame, especially when the current Administration is working so hard to try to fight childhood obesity and other food-related health issues...

This morning I popped over to the Farmers Market to pick up a couple of things and then came home to make breakfast. It was finally time for Oats in a Jar! Of course, it was Blueberry Vanilla hot cereal topped with crushed almond slices and cacao nibs.

There's not too much on my agenda for the rest of the day - relaxing and getting ready for the week.

How's your weekend been?

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