Thursday, April 15, 2010

Figuring it out?

After my fruity snack on Tuesday night, I ended up munching on a lovely Van's waffle as I finished watching the delight that is Glee!

Something I've been aware of since last week is how much my body has been craving carbs, yet only at certain times of the day. I was really in the groove of nourishing my body before Passover and after a week of of no carbs, I think my body's secretly trying to replenish its stock. I'm going with it for now and trying to be mindful of incorporating all of my fruits, veggies, and proteins into those lovely carbolicious treats :-)   Anyways, on to the food...

Started my Wednesday off with Raspberry BRM Hot cereal topped with 1/2T PB and a little sprinkle of cacao nibs as a treat. Alongside my egg white, it was delicious.

Lunch was in 2 parts, per usual. Numero uno was a salad with cucumber, carrots, spinach, and romaine

and number two was a stir-fry inspired by a Whole Foods salad I had over the weekend and cooked up on Tuesday night. In a non-stick sprayed pan, I stir fried broccoli, carrots, and cabbage with some garlic powder and GF soy sause. I split the batch into 2 and added a serving of extra firm baked tofu I made on Sunday. All tossed together:

In between my afternoon snacks, I had the realization that almost a week after Cortisone Shot #2, my foot was still not feeling as good as it did 24 hours after shot #1. This had me concerned and I moved my Thursday afternoon doctor's appointment to first-thing in the morning. I first had this crunchy apple with a smear of AB. It was delicious!

Then, after I spoke to the doctor's office and started getting anxious about my foot and not running, yada yada, I finished off this bag of chips that was leftover from a meeting late last week. Chips and fries are a comfort food for me so I tend to crave them when I get stressed. There was maybe 3/4 of a serving left...

After work activities included a snack, laundry, cooking dinner, and a bit of food prep for today. I roasted up a carrot, sliced baby portobello mushrooms, the other half of a zucchini, asparagus, as well as some kale chips. The roasted veggies went atop a bed of romaine lettuce, got a sprinkle of parmesan, and were enjoyed alongside some kale chips with ketchip.

Dessert was a Food for Life GF english muffin with a few toppings. I couldn't decide so one quarter had a bit of provolone and buffalo sauce, a smidge had AB, and the rest just had some Earth Balance.

Right before bed I decided to test the GF oats I had picked up while I was home a few weeks ago. I found a small package (3 servings) of oats for under $1.50 which is unheard of for gluten free oats and figured it wouldn't hurt to try. Based on past experiences, I knew this test had to be at night, close to bedtime so that in case of a reaction, my whole day wouldn't be ruined and I could just sleep off the reaction. So, I prepped 1tbsp of the oats, enjoyed and hoped for the best. No more than 3 minutes after eating, my lip swelled up, my throat started itching, and I now have confirmation that I cannot tolerate gf oats. I didn't have any trouble sleeping but now I know for sure that I need to avoid this grain. It's valuable information.

I woke up this morning with a craving for French Toast hot cereal which I enjoyed before heading off to the doctor. I cooked these on the stove top which was a nice change of pace but I still think I prefer the texture of microwaved BRM hot cereal. Kind of opposite to most people's taste but it's what I like.
  • I brought 1/4c almond milk and 3/4c water to a boil with a pinch of salt
  • Stirred in 1/4c of BRM and buckwheat groats (total,) stirred, and brought to a simmer
  • Continued stirring and added ~1tsp vanilla, few drops syrup, cinnamon, and 1/2 tbsp chia seeds
  • Once mixture thickened I stirred in about 1tbsp liquid egg whites
  • Cook until desired consistency then remove from heat and plate

I topped this bowl with a bit more cinnamon and maple syrup, 12 raspberries, and 1/2T mix of PB and AB.

Here's to hoping I get a good report on my foot!!

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