Sunday, March 28, 2010

Whirlwind of a Weekend

This weekend seems to be flying by, which I don't mind since I'm headed to Texas this evening! I'm taking a short break from my Passover cleaning to give y'all an update, and if I have time, will tell you all more about yesterday's adventures. Let's just say, it involved this:

Friday was a pretty normal day, except for my trip to the foot doctor once again. Despite all of my best efforts to remain patient, those feelings seemed to wear off as my doctor shared that my broken sesamoid isn't healing. He fit me for orthotics which hopefully will help but I'm still boot-bound for now. It should make for an interesting flight to say the least.  If the pain doesn't go away, even after wearing the orthotics, then I will have to have surgery to remove the bone :(   I'm just hoping to get my life (and exercise routine!!) back to normal soon. I really am done waiting and can't wait to get moving again.

Pretty upset, I found myself stress eating for the rest of the day. I snacked on a small bag of popchips and a cup of mixed berries and pineapple.

Got home and had some chips and salsa, x2

When I was hungry again, I whipped up a repeat dinner of veggie fried rice

And snacked on an apple with AB and a serving of vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream.

Got Saturday started on the right foot with an egg white and blueberry hot cereal. T'was delicious and kept me full while sightseeing for over 4 hours!

A late lunch was eaten at Good Stuff Eatery which is gluten free friendly! I had the Greek salad and shared the rosemary thyme fries with my adventuring partner-in-crime, Shelby. I loved my salad and the fries had such a great flavor!

I had a pear after coming home and immediately icing and elevating my foot, and then I headed to babysit for the night.

I brought dinner with me - leftover black beans (~1/4c), corn (~1/4c), and brown rice, with some broccoli, bbq sauce, and salsa added.

Sorry for the rushed post but I have lots more to do before I leave for the airport this evening. Hopefully I'll be back soon with a better recap!

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