Monday, March 8, 2010


Happy Monday! We had another gorgeous day here in DC - the sun has been shining brightly and the short time that I spent outside felt warm (and I was without my jacket)! I also love that the spring preview weather has caused the news to report on an increase in people's moods! That was maybe the most positive thing about the start to my day.

Last night I mentioned that I was having a lot of pain in my foot and when I woke up, it seemed even worse. It hurt to stand in the shower and get dressed - I've never been so eager to put my cast back on! When that didn't help, I knew something was up and called the doctor. While I waited, I had my hot cereal and some green tea and iced my foot.

I was advised to work from home with a strict RICE routine and to use crutches until goes down. Thanks to bff Suze I will be able to borrow her crutches... on the condition that I avoid the gym for the next week. I quickly agreed - I'm 100% sure this pain is from doing the doctor-approved easy bike ride yesterday :(

Once the Advil kicked in, I did have to go into work for a meeting and to get materials I needed to work from home. I brought my lunch to eat while I was there - leftover TJ's cuban black beans with brown rice and kale chips.

I have been home since then, working til the end of the day, and it's be a quiet night at home, just me and my frozen peas. I munched on an apple topped with cinnamon and a light PB drizzle and put together an easy dinner option that requires little to no standing.

I was craving broccoli and cauliflower which I roasted and served over a small baked potato with about 1/8c 2% shredded cheese and bbq sauce (this was my 'sick' food when I was a kid - I needed that extra comfort after today!). I also had a serving of baked beans.

I'm currently contemplating dessert and ready to watch Greek!

Good night y'all!

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