Sunday, March 7, 2010

It was totally worth it!

I went outside this afternoon without a coat! Spring is coming, yyaayyyyy!! I just had to take advantage of the beautiful day! It's possible that I overdid it because my foot is killing me, causing a hot date with a bag of frozen peas, but it was totally worth it!

Rewinding to yesterday, I spent a good 3 hours after breakfast sitting on my couch, enjoying a movie or two. I could see the sun shining but my body just wanted me to rest and be still. I finally decided I should do something with my day, so I headed to the gym for a little doctor-approved workout.  Once I knew that I would only be able to ride the bike and lift, I put together a workout / weights plan which I will share with y'all soon :)

Saturday's workout:
10 min bike - warm up
25 min weights - arms, back, abs
10 min bike - cool down

Still not hungry from my breakfast (that french toast stuck to my ribs I guess) I headed to the grocery store and my appetite finally returned! I got this beauty from the Whole Foods salad bar:

(romaine, peas, carrots, bell pepper, pico de gallo, broccoli, drop of mixed rice, black beans, light sprinkle of parm and feta cheeses)

I took care of a few things around the apartment, enjoyed some black beans and rice, and then babysat last night.

I was up and at 'em relatively early today in preparation for a great day. I wasn't hungry for about an hour so I sipped some green tea and caught on on the news. When hunger hit, I enjoyed an egg white and my usual hot cereal mix.

The farmers market was calling my name and I ran into a couple of friends while I was there. We all agreed that the sunshine was bliss and enjoyed being outside! I then headed to the gym for 30 minutes on the stationary bike. I kept an easy, steady pace but felt a couple of twinges in my foot at the very end :(

I had brunch with my old supervisor and then met up with another former colleague for a short walk to the yogurt shop. I wasn't in the mood for any yogurt but did enjoy an apple once I got home. I marked a few more things off of my to-do list and had worked up quite an appetite for dinner.

On the menu - kale chips, roasted brussel sprouts, carrots, and mushrooms and a spinach / bell pepper pizza on one of my Food for Life brown rice tortillas.


I'm watching the Oscars in the company of my frozen peas instead of going to an Oscar viewing party that I was invited to. I'll probably be calling it an early night and hoping the pain is gone in the morning!

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