Wednesday, March 3, 2010

"I want to pump... up!"

Who remembers this quote?  I couldn't help but replay it over and over again this morning as I pumped up my aircast before work. I'd like to think of my new footwear as an industrial version of these more stylish sneakers!  If you can't tell, I'm trying really hard to stay positive about this whole thing.

I am currently working on a few things that I hope to share with y'all over the next few days. Since I can't follow my workout routine right now, I'm working on an alternative for the next few weeks. I also have some helpful food tips to share!

In the meantime, let's recap the rest of Tuesday.

I had to pick up lunch since I worked late on Monday and then had an early doctor's appointment. I grabbed my favorite chicken and cilantro soup which I paired with a salad of greens, sprouts, and tomatoes. Because of the added veggies, I was full after half of the soup so I saved it to enjoy as an afternoon snack a few hours later.

I munched on an apple and some seaweed "cheetos" while I was preparing dinner. It was a roasted vegetable extravaganza! I roasted butternut squash, carrots, brussel sprouts, onions, and mushrooms. I also sauteed about half of a bag of TJs greens mix with some chopped onion in ~1/2 tbsp of grapeseed oil. On a separate baking sheet (I love my new set, in case you couldn't tell!) I sliced and roasted 1 sweet potato.

I served my roasted veggie mix over 1/3c brown rice, and sprinkled everything with 1tsp of parmesan cheese. On the side I had about 2/3c of the sweet potato slices.


As I watched Biggest Loser I got a few things done and was ready for a snack - the last serving of my chocolate soy ice cream, topped with a bit of sliced almonds and some of my Custom Choice granola.

Feeling down about my foot, I went back into the kitchen for another snack of some frozen berries, dark chocolate PB, and cereal but didn't finish it all.

I woke up a few minutes earlier than normal today which helped with my getting ready time and still managed a delicious breakfast of an egg white and hot cereal. Today's bowl was mostly BRM hot cereal, but the mix was the same as yesterday - chia seeds, frozen blueberries, cinnamon, almond milk, AB / PB and a bit of crushed almond slices.

Here's to a good Hump Day!

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