Sunday, March 14, 2010


This one is ready for bed. Despite all of the nay-sayers, I am thrilled to be back on "summer" time and that the first day of Spring (officially) is this Saturday! Yay - warm weather is *hopefully* on its way!

This weekend was chock-full of laughs with some good friends from college. My friend Marsha was in town with her boyfriend and it was great to get to play in DC! Noam, her boyfriend is also gluten free so it was fun to have another gluten free person ordering at meals, and not just me!

I also still had to take it easy with my foot. We visited the Natural History Museum yesterday, thus fulfilling my tourist quota of the month, to see the new ocean exhibit. Marsha and our friend Rachel were lifesavers - since I was supposed to be off my foot, they ever so graciously pushed me in a wheelchair through the museum.

It may seem like a frivolous thing to have done, but I would be feeling a heck of a lot worse without it! AND, I was able to spend more time with friends!

This morning I took care of a few things around the apartment and had a small breakfast of a pear and an egg white on a piece of toast.

I met up with the gang for a late brunch at 1. We went to Scion, which was once again delicious!  I had a garden salad along with a side of those amazing breakfast potatoes. Yum! We didn't leave the restaurant until 3:15pm and I needed to run a few more errands before our dinner at reservation tonight. That recap will come soon but I must say, while reluctant, it was a fantastic meal!

Bed time! I finally have the green light to go into the office tomorrow, which will be a nice change of pace. I am also excited about getting to walk farther than a quarter of a mile!


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