Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Just another manic Monday

Yes, I deliriously channeled the 80s to bring you that lovely little title :-)  It has been quite a long and busy Monday! We had a program on campus tonight about financial responsibility and I didn't get home until 9m. I wouldn't have minded so much except for the fact that I was standing on my still-broken-foot for almost 5 hours. I plopped down on the couch for some quality time with the cast of Greek and iced my foot until I couldn't feel it throbbing anymore :-)

Lunch, which seems like so long ago, was eaten at my desk. That would be my leftover fried rice, a salad with some spaghetti squash on top, and 4 pieces of homemade sushi with carrot and bell pepper inside.


My afternoon snack was an apple and this 100-calorie bag of Popchips which were oh-so-delicious. Seriously, they pack a lot of flavor and crunch into these guilt-free treats!

Then I was off to the event. I managed to find ~3/4c of some fruit to snack on before the event started, and another cup of pineapple and strawberries after. I was starving!

Since it was late, I wanted something easy to digest. I had the last of my roasted carrots and veggies and an Udi's gluten free bagel. I found these while I was home in Dallas and they are absolutely wonderful. So delicious and light. I do wish that there was a whole grain variety of the bagel. This does make a perfect treat every now and then though! I made one half in pizza form with some marinara and shredded parmesan cheese and the other was dessert with PB, AB, choc PB and a dab of fig jam. I just couldn't decide which nut butter to use!

Tomorrow morning I'm off to the doctor for my foot. It's not feeling any better aside from the padded splint I've been wearing inside my sneakers all week. Hopefully it's just me being uber-sensitive and not a result of overdoing it or needing a more serious remedy :-/ I'm trying hard to stay off of it as best I can while trying to ignore my yearning for a good run / elliptical session. My foot just needs to be better! Keep your fingers crossed that tomorrow goes well!


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