Monday, March 29, 2010

Can't Hardly Wait

Good morning from the Gluten Free Grazer household! Cody says hi!

I got a bit of a late start this morning, which was just fine by me!  My mom is amazing and pre-set the coffee machine to brew me a cup for when I woke up this morning. How nice is that?! I enjoyed my coffee alongside a pear topped with cinnamon and PB (which won't be enjoyed again until after Passover next Wednesday).

Why did I keep my breakfast to a light snack? Because my dad and I are having lunch at the new Whole Foods that opened here in Dallas. It's said to rival the Whole Foods flagship store in Austin, and I can hardly contain myself!  There have even been newspaper articles about what makes this store unique! I am most excited for the 40 shelves full of gluten free goodies... and of course lunch! Expect a full report later.

Have a great day!

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