Sunday, March 28, 2010

Quite the Picnic

Well, I did it! My apartment is clean from top to bottom, my kitchen has been prepped and cleaned, and my pantry stocked for Passover! The reason why I left it until the last minute is that I wanted to be able to finish up leftovers of things that won't be eaten on Passover like beans, rice, etc. Since it's a pretty dreary day, I didn't mind the cleaning at all!

Breakfast this morning was a pear and an egg white sandwich on a small English muffin. Good protein and carbs to power my cleaning!

I broke for lunch about 4 hours later and made myself a picnic-style lunch, thanks to leftovers and my freezer. I finished off my last couple of Gone Crackers and hummus first. Then I steamed some cauliflower and okra which I had along an Amy's GF veggie burger topped with bbq sauce, hot sauce, and a pickle.

To celebrate the end of my cleaning I finished off this last drop (~1/4c) of vanilla bean coconut milk ice cream.

I'm off to shower, finish packing, and maybe treat myself to a quick manicure if there's time. Then, it's off to the airport and Dallas!

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