Friday, March 5, 2010

Smart Choices in the Workplace

Now that I am back in the swing of full time work, I decided it was time to adjust my daily habits to help avoid those dreaded workplace temptations and distractions. I don't call myself a grazer for nothing - when push comes to shove, I often prefer to nibble on small snacks or meals throughout the day and keeping it all in check can be a challenge if you aren't aware of the things you're eating.

Below is a list of a few of the small changes I've been making throughout the workday that help me avoid mindless (read: bored) eating and make smart, healthy, gluten free choices!

- Use your break room! Most days I find myself eating lunch at my desk, working away, or taking a break to catch up on life. At the end of my lunch, I would simply toss my trash into my desk trashcan and wonder why I would find myself hungry just an hour later. The culprit - the food scents! I'm a social eater so when I hear, see or smell people eating, my brain wants me to jump right in. To try to avoid overeating at lunch, I now throw away (or recycle) my lunch trash in the break room so that my desk stays scent-free! I can't tell you how well this has worked for me.

- Keep healthy snacks within reach! I have one desk drawer that I keep stocked with a few healthy options in case I forget a snack. I have a few boxes of caffeine free tea (I don't consume caffeine after noon - it keeps me awake at night), fruit leathers, nuts, etc. in case of snack emergencies.

- Mind your posture! Especially now that I'm in my aircast, sitting is more a part of my day than I would like. My calling attention to how I'm sitting and trying to be as comfortable as possible, I find myself sitting up straight and using my abs to support this effort. it also makes mindless nibbling harder when you're focused on sitting in a healthy way.

- Go for a walk! When I know I want to snack simply because I'm bored, I make myself get up from my desk for a couple of minutes. Whether it's chatting with a co-worker for a few minutes or taking a walk around the block, I typically find that I forget my munchies after a change of scenery.

- It's ok to indulge once and a while! Whether it's leftovers from big meetings or baked goods, a treat every now and then is ok! I often find that sandwich fixins' (if they're not platted with bread) make a great little "salad" and one little bag of chips won't hurt and just may satisfy that craving for something salty and crunchy. Just make sure that whatever treat to pick doesn't contain something you are allergic to and that it hasn't come in contact with an allergen (bread, fish, etc.) that you could react to.

I hope these tips are helpful in making the right choices at work!

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