Thursday, March 11, 2010

Thankful for Thursday

Hello everyone! I hope you're all having a great day, wherever you are. I wish I had exciting news to report but for now, things are the same. I decided that yesterday I needed to hunker down and wrap up a few projects and unplug so-to-speak from blogging. It felt good to take a bit of a break. Not too much exciting is going on! That goes for my foot too - the prescription medication is alleviating some of the pain but it's still pretty swollen and tender to walk on. So, day 4 of my RICE routine is going strong! Thank goodness I am able to work from home - it has been a life saver this week.

I woke up excited to try a new "oatmeal" flavor that I've seen on a few other blogs this week- PB&J! I combined a quarter cup total of hot cereal mix and buckwheat with 3/4c water, cinnamon, and chia pudding that I let set overnight and heated in the microwave. i threw in a few blueberries for good measure and topped my cereal with 1/2T each of PB and berry jelly. It was sweet, savory, and delicious!

I broke for lunch just a bit ago. I had some lettuce that I needed to use or lose so I made a quick salad with dried cranberries and sliced almonds along with a serving of veggie sushi (I used my own gluten free soy sauce for dipping).

I'm going to get back to work for now but hopefully get in a bit of weights (arms, abs, and back - all while sitting on my bum so not to strain the foot) later, just for movement's sake.

See ya!

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