Saturday, July 31, 2010

It's all about the mouth

Hey there. I hope you've had a great Saturday. I know I have! 

It started this morning with sleeping in (even if I stayed up a bit too late doing who knows what) and whipping up a quick breakfast before heading out the door. I had some strawberries plus an egg white on a piece of toast with spinach and red pepper spread. PS - have you noticed my addiction to it? There might need to be an intervention - I bought a new jar yesterday for when the current one runs out!

I then met one of my friends Toby on campus to drive out to the suburbs. On the agenda - berry picking!! Yes, I did just go at the beginning of June. Yes, the beets I cooked yesterday were the last of the ones I picked on that June trip. Clearly, I can't get enough of delicious summer goodies!

We met at our other friend Michelle's house and then headed for lunch. We went to Cheeburger where they have these amazing "Build Your Own Salad" options on the menu. I didn't snag a picture but imagine a salad with mushrooms, carrots, sun-dried tomatoes, cucumber, baby corn, and salsa. I enjoyed it!

Then it was off to the farm. We headed for the plum trees first. Funny story - we did a full walk of the area where the plum trees were and found nothing. Then we were told that we walked the wrong row. It turns out we went to the correct place and most of the fruit had been picked they were getting ready to open a second plum area of the farm. The only good plums we saw were off-limits for picking :( They were changing the sign as we left later on. I guess that speaks to how fresh things are! Here were my few little plums I picked:

Then it was off to tomatoes and raspberries. Since I'm leaving town later this week I didn't want to load up on too many things but also wanted to be able to freeze some of this summer tastiness to enjoy when I'm sad about winter. I found one plump, juicy, warm-from-the-sun tomato and have big plans for it this week.

Plus some red and yellow raspberries which I'm very excited about.

Blackberries were the most in-season fruit we picked today and there are not enough words to describe how delicious they are! At one point, I shared with my friends that "It is such a shame. Some of these ripe, amazing blackberries are falling off the bush and straight into my mouth."  Enter Toby with the line of the month "Sometimes your mouth just gets in the way." Well-played Toby, well-played. If she only knew :)  8 hours later and I'm still amused by the comment...

Regardless, I was super happy to bring back a couple of pounds of blackberries and I'll be darned if they go to waste! I sported purple fingers with pride.

On our drive back to the District, we stopped for Slurpees which were just what the doctor ordered. I got a small blue raspberry one and instantly felt better with a little sugar and having something cold. My mouth was happy.

I needed a small snack before dinner and craved salty. Enter a few brown rice chips plus a cracker with hummus. Again - happy mouth.

Then it was off to celebrate my friend Shelby's 25th birthday. I was excited for dinner at Casa Oaxaca (wha-ha-ca) as the last time it was amazing. Things started off with a passion fruit margarita.

I ordered the vegetable tacos that had a mix of zucchini, onion, corn, and mushrooms served on freshly made corn tortillas. There was also black beans and rice and a little corn salsa. I got the cheese on the side.

These were amazing! So flavorful and fresh. There really is nothing as delicious as handmade tortillas. Nothing. I savored each and every bite and didn't leave too stuffed. I even brought home 1 of my tacos and rice and beans.

Enjoying an amazing meal with friends is such a great experience. What a perfect Saturday. And, I know that if nothing else, my mouth agrees!

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  1. Is that the same farm we went to? Looks delicious.