Saturday, July 3, 2010

The Day of No Plans

Does anyone else feel like the past few weeks have been beyond busy? I know for me they have and I was very much looking forward to a day sans plans. What was on my to-do list:
  • lay out B-)
  • pay my rent
  • some chores including straightening up budgeting
  • gym for the bike and weights
  • RELAX!!
I'm happy to report back that I think I succeeded in making the most of my Saturday :)

I slept in which felt great! My body really feels much better after 9+ hours of sleep than it does 7 or 8. I even skipped a source of caffeine today! It just goes to show you what rest will do for keeping you awake. I don't think I've skipped caffeine any day over the last 2 weeks.

My stomach was feeling a bit off when I woke up so I waited for it to settle before eating anything. My guess is the fiber-added Crystal Light I drank yesterday afternoon was the cause. While it is gluten free, I don't think I'd had one since last summer. It just goes to show you - natural is better!

Breakfast was an egg white sandwich with spinach and a chopped pear with a couple of strawberries, cinnamon, and maybe 1/4T almond butter.

I had the roof to myself for a couple of hours which was lovely. I came down around 1 though when it started getting too hot. I watched Nadal's victory at Wimbledon to put him into the finals and tackled my to-do list.

Lunch was a variety of things in an attempt to clear out the fridge. First up, this light and refreshing cucumber salad from Elana. The mix sat for maybe 5 minutes and was so flavorful, yet simple! I hightly recommend it!

I also had a salad with beets, bell pepper, the last 1/4c leftover black beans, and a few gone crackers topped with cheese and red pepper spread (I'm obsessed with it), and half a serving of tofu "nuggets" aka leftover baked tofu with bbq sauce.

I bribed myself to go to the gym by promising a trip to Whole Foods after. Hey, whatever form of motivation it takes, right? I ended up snacking on samples so dinner was pretty simple.

I had a serving of brown rice pasta over pasta sauce, spinach, and roasted broccoli and onions. I topped it with some garlic, S&P, basil, red pepper, and parm.

The best part of the evening came after. I found this recipe for a quick and easy gluten free peach cobbler. I like desserts but that's not usually what I find myself craving. However, this stuck out to me because of the holiday tomorrow. Nothing says summer, America, and the South like a good ole peach cobbler.

I modified the recipe a bit by using:
  • non-stick spray instead of butter to grease the pans
  • I made 2 batches from the recipe - one peach and one peach and cherry
  • I only used 1.5T Earth Balance
  • I cut the sugar by 1/3
  • Baked for 30 minutes
I think this recipe still came out fantastically! Of course, I had to taste test it for quality assurance. I wouldn't want to bring it to one of my barbecues tomorrow if it tasted bad! I had a serving alongside some fresh cherries. You know it's good because it was gooey on the spoon :)

A serving clocks in right around 115 calories with no fat. Not too bad for a little holiday treat!

I am heading to bed early tonight to gear up for a long day of celebrating.


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