Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Hot Enough to Fry an Egg

Today was the 3rd day in DC's extreme heat wave. There was a new record temp. set at Ronald Reagan Airport - 102! Yes, I'm quite the nerd and remember these odd little facts that I read in my afternoon news recap. It was also hot enough to prompt a little Twitter conversation about it almost being hot enough to cook an egg on the sidewalk. While I did not attempt this after work today, I thought I'd share a picture of what I'm talking about for all of you not from Texas :-)

Also, I'm sure many of you much of my griping about the cold weather, blizzards, etc. and pleading for summer to arrive. Right? Well, I just thought I'd share that you won't hear a single complaint from me about the heat. Give me 100 degree temps over down coats, snow boots, and blizzards any day!

Since it was already 87 when I woke up, I sure was glad that I had prepped another delicious bowl of overnight hot cereal for breakfast. Mixed into this bowl was a couple of cherries, halved, and blueberries with a mix of AB and PB on top. No egg whites this week since they were out when I went to the store. I miss the protein though because it leaves me hungry for lunch earlier.

Since my tummy was rumbling over the voices in my office, I broke into this delicious lunch. We have a simple garden salad with romaine and spinach, cucumber, carrot, and tomato. Plus, a serving of lentil sloppy joe's with ~1/4c brown rice. Y.U.M. The sloppy joe mix is even better after sitting overnight, it just doesn't look too pretty!

My snack this afternoon was a cup of cherries plus a GF flatbread with a smear of red pepper hummus.

I trekked to the gym after work but wasn't in the mood for pilates class. I was sweaty when I got to the gym and decided to try out one of the new weight routines I had put together. I did back / shoulders / arms / abs and cooled down with a couple of miles on the stationary bike. My foot is still giving me some trouble (as it has been since I got back from Chicago) so I'm not sure if I'm happy or nervous to be going back to the doctor on Friday...

I stopped to pick up some sushi for dinner because cooking just didn't sound appealing. I started my meal off with 4 pieces of veggie sushi (and picked out the avocado, ick). I then ate the last ounce of baked tofu and a serving of baked beans. Random? Yes. Delicious? But of course!

I had a bunch of stuff to take care of tonight so I've been working away. On the agenda is some *GMAT* prep, sorority convention wrap up, and a couple of other things. I also managed to prep my meals for tomorrow. It's going to be an early bedtime methinks.

I nibbled on some frozen fruit with a drop of cottage cheese and a slice of toast and now I'm on the home stretch! Off to wrap things up. There's only 2 days left til the weekend!

What was your favorite summer activity as a kid? Anything quirky happen in your hometown over the summer?
I used to love running around the neighborhood with my brother, swimming, riding bikes, playing sports, etc. We frequently set up lemonade stands in between sports games, pool parties, and other adventures. And of course, I won't forget Augusts with 100+ degree days in a row where the heat, cooking eggs on the sidewalk, and more made the evening new B-) 


  1. As much as I hate how hot it is in Philly, I am definitely with you about the snow. After 40+ inches, I'll take 102 degrees any day. I cant believe you dont like avocado! Is it weird that I dont like cantaloupe?

  2. hey hey hey! i just found your blog! i've read a few posts, so i have some reading to do to catch up, but really like what i see so far!