Monday, July 5, 2010

Celebrating the 4th of July

Hi everyone! How was your long weekend?  I took a little blogging vacation over the holiday and am excited to share my adventures from the past 2 days.

I woke up yesterday and whipped together a quick batch of hot cereal. I added blueberries and strawberries on top to kick-off my 4th of July celebrations. This bowl was great - I used the same method as I did for overnight "oats" last week so it wasn't too hot which I was thankful for later in the day.

I walked to the farmers' market to pick up a few things for the week. I can't get over how much variety and bounty there was. It's definitely a sign that we are at the peak of summer and I for one, could not be happier!!

I spent much of my day at Lauren's apartment pool with friends for a picnic. I brought one of my cobblers with me and am proud to say that it was all eaten (and some didn't even know it was gluten free!). When I was finally hungry I made a plate of baked beans, corn, and salad topped with an amazing mango, cucumber salsa that one of our friends made. I probably repeated this plate x2 or 3 plus a serving or 2 of chips over the course of the afternoon.

When I got home, I spent some time in the AC rehydrating and resting. All that time in the sun really wears you out! A Brita pitcher later (not exaggerating) plus a shower and I felt like a whole new woman. Since I wasn't too hungry but needed to eat dinner, I had a pear as well as a piece of cheese toast that hit the spot.

My friend Jason invited us to his rooftop once again for fireworks viewing. After going down to the National Mall my first summer in DC, I felt like I could view the show more comfortably and without fighting the crowds :)

After the show (not to mention, we could see ALL of the fireworks being set off in NE and SE DC as well as in other neighborhoods near Jason's, we headed to a restaurant for a late night "snack." I munched on a few chips and about a cup of rice and beans. I fought my temptation to get nachos after my chip-filled day!

Since I was up so late last night, I figured I would sleep in. However, imagine my surprise when I woke up to see it was 11:45am! Whoops! It actually felt great after yesterday's excitement and I enjoyed being well-rested. I made a light breakfast to bring to pool brunch with me - PBJ toast, a peach, and a few cherries. This was all I wanted after a day of non-stop grazing.

The pool was an amazing way to spend part of the afternoon but I gave up after ~2 hours and made some lunch. That would be a veggie burger on top of spinach with a few Gone Crackers. Nothing too exciting since I was in need of groceries.

I tackled the grocery store but other wise laid low today. I am hoping that a calm day will help my foot pain go away (it's back and I have been in denial). Since I didn't eat a heavy meal today, an early dinner was in order. I roasted the 2 ears of corn I picked up at the market yesterday because as a Texan, who doesn't want to eat BBQ foods 2 days in a row? :-D

This would be an ear of corn with some paprika, baked beans, and a mixture of spinach, FF feta, a pinch of white beans, and dill.

Dessert was a serving of cobbler and a couple of berries.

Now it's time to finish getting ready for a short work week!

How did you celebrate July 4th? What was the highlight of your weekend?

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  1. It's awesome you got so much pool time! Perfect way to spend the long weekend. Also those farmers market pictures are drool-worthy.