Tuesday, July 20, 2010

I found a New Love

Hi everyone! How's your week going? Mine has been good but busy so far. No complaints though - it's making the week seem to go by a little faster.

So I have to start off with an easy highlight of my week - a new gym class. I found a gym in my neighborhood that offers Body Pump and am doing a 7-day trial of the gym. Yesterday I went to my birst Body Pump class and I think I'm in love.

I spoke to the instructor before class about my injuries and she was eager to explain how the class worked, what I needed for set up, and more. It was so helpful and informative! She also gave instructions in between the 10 circuits that we did during class, which were a great chance to catch my breath and stretch.

I found the class to be high energy, to work my entire body, and it was fun - I liked the music mix. After the 1st circuit which was squats, my thighs were shaking and it got wors better as the class went on. It hurt so good!

I loved the feeling that I had after class - I'd forgotten how great it feels to push oneself beyond your limits and really tackle a challenge. I felt hardcore. I felt in touch with my normal, active, endorphin-hooked self and I was happy to reconnect with that part of myself!

Today hasn't been so easy though - it hurts to move. My friends teased me today yet I don't mind - I worked hard for this!  I'm excited to have found something, even for the week, that is a great pre-injury level workout that doesn't hurt my foot at all! Now if the gym fairy would give me a free membership...

So back to my day:

This morning I had one craving and one craving alone - an egg white sandwich. Really, it was for my TJ's red pepper spread that I just stocked up on, but the protein didn't hurt either :) I've been on a protein kick with my body pump butt-kicking from yesterday. I also had a few cherries and a drop of cottage cheese.

Morning snack was the last 1/3c of cottage cheese with a few chopped strawberries and cinnamon on top.

A couple of hours later I had lunch: kale chips, corn on the cob, and baked tofu with BBQ sauce.

It was another afternoon of meetings and after I was more than ready for a snack. I had 3/4 of a grapefruit because the last quarter had gone bad. Plus, my vice of the work week since the snack drawer is empty - 1/2T of almond butter straight off a spoon :-) So. Good.

I headed over to Whole Foods for a few essentials (and then some) and came home and stretched for a good 30 minutes. My legs like me a little bit more and I'm hoping I feel even better in the morning.

Dinner was a simple serving of gluten free rotini tossed with tomato paste, red pepper, and fresh torn basil plus spinach, roasted broccoli, green beans, and okra. The crunchy roasted okra tasted just like fried okra, for all of you Southerners out there :)

I had a small dessert of some vanilla soy ice cream with blueberries and now it's off to bed.

What new challenge have you overcome recently? Have you found a new, great workout?


  1. So glad you liked BodyPump! This particular release you did yesterday is TOUGH! Those lunges take no prisoners! It's a great workout and a great way to build total body strength. Let's chat about Gold's when you get a chance!

  2. I used to take BodyPump all the time, but I stopped taking it regularly about it year ago because I found another class that fit in my schedule better. Well, my schedule has changed so I went back for the first time in forever last night. It killed. This release was WAY harder than the older ones! Lunges on the platform? That bicep track? You're right, hurts so good!

  3. Man if the gym fairies would grace me with a free membership I'd love take BodyPump classes. I've heard such awesome things about them and it'd be a good way for me to make sure I stay on top of my strength training.

  4. ooh. If your gym also offers Body Flow, I HIGHLY recommend it to center yourself and get the stretching to keep you going. I used to belong to a gym that offered them all, and miss it tremendously.