Tuesday, July 6, 2010

A Little Check-In and a Solid Tuesday

Since we only have 6 more months to enjoy 2010, I thought I would check in with myself on my progress on my New Year's Goals as well as a few goals for the month of July. There are a couple of people who have also shared their goals for the month. I think having some down time during the summer allows for self-reflection.

My goals for this year weren't so much goals as they were striving to be a healthier me and be more content with the state of things in my life.  There were a few things I outlined for myself that I did not post on the blog but want to share with you now:
  • Be the healthiest me possible!
    • Continue to make exercise a priority in my daily life (as much as possible with my injury. I was on point up until my stress fracture)
    • Run a 5K without any walking breaks (not cleared to run yet :-/)
    • Eat pure, simple, tasty foods that are nutritionally valuable (check)
  • Continue to strive to be a nicer, more patient person (work in progress)
  • Incorporate more people into my life that are supportive of me, made me feel good, and that I care for and truly enjoy being around (so far so good)
  • Find the ability to be bold and take risks when they are worth taking (TBD)
My progress is in purple.

The month of June was full of many celebrations. I attended my friend's wedding in Austin, had a birthday party, went to Chicago, had another birthday dinner, plus some other fun things! And I couldn't forget my 5 Before 25 Challenge which I successfully completed!

There were also a few things that didn't thrill me about the month - my lack of motivation for exercise, my increased intake of carbs (they aren't bad, I just picked the good ones over other things like veggies and fruits), and spent a lot of money.

This month I hope to:
  • Incorporate 1 new recipe a week from this book I purchased for my birthday. What better to get on track than a book entitled Clean Food?!
  • Snack a lot less. There were a lot of treats, snacks, and nibbles that went undocumented and I believe they add up. While I don't feel drastically different, I know I need to eat more intuitively and ease up on the nighttime snackage ;)
  • Move a little bit more while still letting my foot heal. This has really been the never-ending injury and while I'm sick of it, I can't deny that I'm not 100% healed and need to relax a bit on my activity. Yes, it hurts me to say that after a month of good physical activity.
My target: look and feel fantastic by the start of August when I head to Miami with my family for a long weekend! I'm hoping to share updates along the way.

On to today's eats:

The East Coast is being slammed with an intense heat wave this week. The temperature hit 102 today and it seems like I discovered my love for overnight hot cereal just in time!

This bowl has 1/4c blueberries mixed in and is topped with 1/2T total of almond and peanut butter.

I had a great day at work. It was full of various meetings, lots to do, and I was focused for much of the day. It definitely made my first day after the long weekend fly by!

I broke for lunch an hour after I had planned to because of a meeting. I cut it short because my stomach rumbling was being disruptive and I got shaky. Not too good. I brought a salad topped with 1/2c white beans, beans, a carrot, and feta topped with 21 seasoning salute, dill, and Annie's lite honey mustard dressing. I also had an ounce of leftover baked tofu.

I broke for my snack around 4:45 - a pear with a light smear of AB.

After work I headed to Trader Joe's to pick up a few things and then got started on dinner. Back in the spring I tried a recipe for lentil sloppy joes and I had a huge craving for them tonight. I made the full recipe this time and am excited to have leftovers for the rest of the week.

I made an open faced sandwich with 2% cheese and spinach on top of my favorite high fiber loaf. There were also extra little bites during clean up. It just tasted sooooo good :-)

Dessert was a cup of strawberries with a drop of 1% whipped cottage cheese, cinnamon, and a bit of AB.

My kitchen is clean and I am going to relax and prep breakfast for tomorrow. Any guesses on what it may be?!  :-D

What's going on in July for you? Any big plans? Goals you are working towards?

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  1. what's going on in july for me-yikes!
    i have a 6 year old, so dance class, arts&crafts class, vacation bible school, swim lessons, and Tball for starters!
    then there are playdates, hangin' at the park, Great Wolf waterpark, Brewer games.
    i love summer. so fun.
    Goals-get to the gym at least 3 times a week and get some good sleep.