Monday, July 19, 2010

A Weekend in Suburbia

Hi bloggies! I hope you all had a great rest of your weekend (and Monday too!) In an effort to get caught up, I'm going to combine the weekend into one big post. There hasn't been too much going on that's noteworthy, aside from the hankering I got for suburbia. I promise my absence is for a good reason - there's lots happening this week in the world of the Gluten Free Grazer :)

It doesn't happen often now that I live in DC but this past weekend I got a strong itch to go driving. That wouldn't have been hard to solve except for that I don't have a car here - I sold it when I moved because public transportation is so good here. To cure my itch, I rented a Zipcar and spent most of Saturday afternoon running errands in the suburbs. It was glorious!

The rest of my weekend looked very similar. Chill nights and another trip to the mall on Sunday to treat myself to a new pair of running shorts. We'll call it motivation to heal my foot O:-)

On to the eats:
Avocado roll while on the go

Dinner of corn, kale chips, and a Mexican stir fry with onion, bell pepper, pinto beans, zucchini, rice, and salsa

Dessert of toast and a pear

Sunday's breakfast was cherry-strawberry overnight hot cereal, topped with 1/2T almond butter

Lunch was beyond delayed because of shopping and was thrown together. The 2nd avocado roll and a salad with romaine, beets, cucumber, a couple of crumbled gone crackers.

Dinner was Sweet and Sour tofu with rice and broccoli, 1/2 an orange, and a slice of toast with some nut butter

Dessert was cottage cheese with berries and more nut butter. Can you tell I've been craving protein?

On to the excitement of the week (coming soon!)

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  1. Yum! Lots of great eats! :) I'm just the opposite -- I spent SO much time in my car commuting during the week, that my goal is to not get in the car from Friday evening until Monday morning.