Wednesday, February 10, 2010

New Address - Arctic Circle in the District of Canada

Day 5 and counting! I woke up to a white out, unable to see more than .10 miles away and the snow was (and still is) coming down horizontally. DC is under a blizzard warning til 7pm tonight. I'm seriously starting to rethink this whole East Coast thing! I have 0 motivation to leave my apartment today and am enjoying the week of sweatpants and leggings!

Yesterday before the storm hit I set out to run a few errands and be away from my apartment. After a quick run for an important necessity (hint: team under or team over) I practically bounded down the slushy and sometimes icy sidewalks to the gym. I needed to run out a serious case of cabin fever!

I did 2 miles in intervals on the treadmill at a 24 minute pace. I set the incline to 1% (to account for being inside) and did a pyramid workout:
0 - 1.5: 6.0
1.5 - 3, 3.8
3 - 4.5, 6.5
4.5 - 6, 3.8
6 - 7.25, 7.1
7.25 - 9, 3.7
9 - 10, 7.0
10 - 12, 3.8
12 - 13, 6.9
13 - 15, 3.7
15 - 16.25 - 6.8
16.25 - 18, 3.8
18 - 19, 6.6
19 - 21, 3.8
21 - 22.5, 6.4
22.5 - 24, 3.8
I then hopped on the elliptical for 35 minutes of interval sprints, rounding out my machine totals to 5.25 miles. After a nice long stretch, I was ready for lunch!

I met up with 2 friends, and together, we braved the snowy streets and sidewalks, some littered with downed trees, for a yummy Thai lunch. No photo but I enjoyed a steamed tofu and veggie delight (guaranteed GF pick). It felt great to have someone else cook one of my meals for a change and laughs and fun were had by all. The highlight of our lunch happened as we were leaving the restaurant. A car was stuck in snow banks (aka what used to be street parking before 3ft of snow) and we decided to help push him out. The 3 of us were able to unstick the car! I think everyone is being nicer as a result of the storm. We are all in the same situation and sick of the weather so we might as well be pleasant!

After my errands, workout, and urban hiking extravaganza, the snow began once again and I was ready to hunker down for a while in my apartment. Along the way, I snacked on an apple, and had a late dinner while watching my favorite Tuesday entertainment - the Biggest Loser! I had a 1/2c of Amy's baked beans, spinach and squash, and a slice of toast with 2% Mexican cheese.



I snacked on some Chex later on and called it an early night.

This morning I awoke to a white out! I reheated some Starbucks coffee (half-caf) that I picked up yesterday and stored in my fridge while staring outside at the arctic tundra I apparently now live in!

I had a warm bowl of BRM hot cereal with 1/8c smashed sweet potato, 1/4c frozen blueberries, cinnamon, vanilla, cinnamon, a few raisins, and 1/2 T mix of AB and PB, with a drop of fig jam. I added more than I usually do to this bowl but was feeling the need of a pick-me-up.

The morning has been cozy and uneventful - what else can you do when you live in the arctic circle!?

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