Saturday, February 6, 2010

We survived!

The snow finally let up yesterday evening and left behind quite a lot of snow! 

On Friday, the university closed early and I made my way home just as the snow, which had been falling since late morning, was beginning to stick. It was a pretty low-key night and I whipped up a light dinner to enjoy. I had a salad with beets and carrots and a "veggie sampler" plate of 1/4c of my brussel sprout risotto, peas, and the rest of my roasted kale and brussels.

I decided to go for a walk before things got too bad - I was curious to see what the accumulating snow looked like. I soon found out!!




I thawed out watching a movie and went to bed kind of early.

When I woke up yesterday the snow was still falling!  The inches definitely started to pile up!

I had a huge craving for something nice and warm for breakfast and made a bowl of blueberry hot cereal. In the mix: 1/4c BRM hot cereal, a generous 1/4c frozen blueberries, smashed sweet potato, cinnamon, vanilla, and 1/2T PB.

After tackling some of my snowed-in to-do list, I bundled up in plenty of layers and headed outside for another walk. Destination: Dupont Circle for the snowball fight. I had no desire to participate but it was definitely fun to watch! And, I found a friend!




Lunch was nice and warm - a cup of Amy's Chunky tomato soup and a serving of greens. The storm is a great chance to use up all of my leftovers!

I tackled a few more to-dos and then it was time for some exercise. The plan: Jillian Michael's 30-Day Shred and using the 10 floors of stairs in my building.  After taking much of this week off from the gym because of feeling under the weather, this 20 minute workout definitely kicked my butt!  I started feeling sore as soon as I finished the workout.  I ran the stairs twice and cooled down, quite literally, by watching the sun set and surveying the snow damage from the roof! It's quite the scene!




Dinner was a turkey burger with a lettuce bun and a mix of roasted beets, parsnip, and acorn squash.

Cabin fever kicked in and I'm about to head out with friends for a birthday party!

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