Thursday, February 25, 2010

Popsicle toes

When I was a kid, I used to crawl into bed on the weekends with my parents and wake them up. What I didn't realize until I was a few years older was that my mom woke up and got out of bed because my toes were always so cold she couldn't stand it! She even made up a little tune that she used to sing about my toes. That's definitely been playing in my head all day as I continued to ice my foot for a good part of every hour today. The good news - I am starting to be able to see the tendons in my foot again, aka a lot less swelling! This is what my bandaging looks like:



I worked from the comforts of my couch right up until 5:30. I then did some exercising just to move a little bit. I grabbed my trusty purple 5lb weights and did some arms, chest, shoulder, and abs exercises. Something's better than nothing, right? And I didn't need to be on my feet to do them.

Lunch was a vegetable plate with spaghetti squash and peas, some roasted carrots, a few bites of baked tofu, and a serving of Alexia oven bake fries, dipped in ketchup. Also a small salad on the side.

Before my "workout" I munched on an apple and a new gluten free cracker spread with some tomato basil hummus.


Dinner was a salad topped with bell pepper, beets, and the last drop of feta cheese plus tofu, baked beans, and roasted broccoli.



I just finished dessert which was a pear with chocolate PB drizzled on top and some cereal.

It's time for one last round of icing and then I'm calling it an early night.

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