Friday, February 26, 2010

Fabulous Friday

All around, I'd say that today was a fantastic day. It can't be anything but great when new cookware is involved!

Let's rewind though to recap the day.

I was anxious to give my almond milk a fair try this morning in my hot cereal. In the mix:
  • 1/4c mix of BRM hot cereal and buckwheat
  • 3/4c water
  • 1/4c unsweetened vanilla almond milk
  • 1/4c thawed frozen blueberries
  • 1/2T chia seeds
  • drops of sugar-free syrup
  • cinnamon
  • 1/2T mix of PB and AB

It was a pretty delicious bowl of grains. The consistency was fluffier and creamier than they normally are and I was pretty satisfied when I finished the bowl. I have noticed that my cereal with the sweet potato holds me over until lunch much better than without.

I had a quick morning with a couple of meetings that all went well. I munched on an apple in between and treated myself to lunch at Java Green. It might look like pond scum but this Green Soup was actually fantastic. It's been cold and extremely windy and hot soup sounded like the perfect remedy. The soup had kale, broccoli, kimchi, edamame beans, and rice in a spirulina (seaweed) broth. it was warm, flavorful, and nourishing. No shame in finishing off the whole thing 9this bowl x2.5!


And a special, Harry Potter-esque finish: the spirulina in my  bowl reminded me of divination class where he had to read his tea leaves.

The afternoon went by quickly and I treated myself to these as a fun little snack. Not such a filling pick but it's what I was craving.

After work I met up with my friend, R, for drinks before another gathering we were supposed to go to. We both had a glass of Cabernet Savignon but I only drank about half of my glass. Wine and pain medications don't mix so well. We also had a mini photo shoot at the bar. I'll spare you details and just share the highlights:

Our other gathering turned out to be a major fail so instead, I dragged R with my to buy some new cookware (I guess technically baking...) for a couple of projects I have planned for tomorrow. We managed to entertain ourselves, quoting Old School along the way and having ourselves a grand old time.

My foot really began to throb so it was time to head home for some more meds and ice, with dinner thrown in. The only thing that sounded good was an egg sandwich, which I had alongside the last 1/4c of baked beans and a pear drizzled with chocolate PB.

I also picked up an amazing package from my front desk today. A couple of weeks ago I won a contest on Facebook and was awarded cereal for a week from Nature's Path. I tore open the box to discover these treasures inside:

I am so excited to try all of these different cereals, and share my feedback with you too!

Good food, good friends, new cookware, and new treats = fantastic Friday if I do say so myself. Here's to a great weekend!

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