Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mixing It Up

I believe that we all have our month. You know, the one that makes you skip down the street, smile for no reason, and to perpetually be in a wonderful mood. Yes, that month.  For me, my month has always been June and I'd be lying if I denied that I squealed with glee when I got dressed this morning and looked down to see the 1 on my watch's day-of-the-month counter.

Ok, so the fact that my birthday is at the end of the month might help me love these 30 days the most, but honestly, it's the fact that with June comes so many new things. June marks the start of summer, sunshine, swimming, and hot days. I was always mixing up my schedule by going off to camp, starting a summer job, having more relaxed days to play outside, or to travel and explore. Not to mention, my attitude shifts just a little bit too. I really am a Summer Girl B-)

So in honor of the start of my month, the day was filled with a few mix-ups and while not being too terribly exciting, they helped make Day 1 great.

I was craving something crunchy and cool for breakfast this morning so I honored that craving with a yogurt bowl. It contained:
  • 1/4c Greek yogurt
  • 1 chopped pear
  • 3 chopped strawberries
  • splash of almond milk (helped thin the yogurt)
  • pinch of chia seeds
  • 1 tsp TJs almond butter

Plus a slice of toast with an egg white on top.

I then rushed off to the doctor to check on the status of my stress fracture. The good news - I'm in less pain than I was a month ago and am getting stronger. The bad news - the bone still hurts when pressed which means it's not healed. I have one month to get it together (pun not intended, I swear) and then we get second and third opinions and discuss surgery. It was kind of a bummer to hear this but I really feel like I'll be even better in a month. I haven't been blogging about it as much, but every 5 days or so I notice an improvement in my foot, whether its less pain or being able to walk quicker in sneakers, or walk normally barefoot (and not on the outside of my foot to avoid the pressure).  The 2 biggest exciting pieces of news are definite mix-ups to my new routine - 1) I can wear not-sneakers!!! (they have to be cushy and podiatrist-approved and I'm determined to find something manageable for an almost-25 year old. 2) I can start riding the stationary bike again! And next week, the elliptical! I got a little too excited about this news but my doctor wants to push my stress fracture to see if it can handle my normal lifestyle in the event that it doesn't heal.

So that was a novel, but well worth it. This is a great mix-up to add to my summer! Work was the usual with one potential piece of news being initiated. Sorry to be vague but I want to get all of the details in order before confessing it to y'all on the blog.

Lunch was a big salad with butter lettuce, roasted beets, 1/4c white beans, dash of feta, one carrot, and a few olives. Plus a few Mary's Gone Crackers and about 1oz of turkey.

The extra protein definitely held me over until after work AND a run to Trader Joe's. I decided to mix things up even more and get dinner started instead of snacking and then eating dinner.  Keeping with tradition, it was Veggie Burger Tuesday, on top of a bed of spinach with some carrot fries and 1/4c of millet with salt and pepper.

I then prepped lunch for tomorrow, whipped up a salad, and after a few nibbles, pushed myself out the door for a walk. I only meant to walk for about 30 minutes or so and ended up tackling 3 miles in 50 minutes. I set off on my usual neighborhood route and then ended up on a new trail along Rock Creek Park that put me out in Georgetown behind Dumbarton House. It was quite the accidental adventure!

With my sorority convention only a few weeks away, I'm in final prep mode with the team that I oversee so I tackled some work while watching Glee and Losing It (I'm still deciding how I feel. I definitely like Biggest Loser more). My snack of the day was this cup with 1/4c plain FF yogurt, 4 chopped strawberries, pinch of chia, light drizzle of AB and chocolate PB, and some Nature's Path Whole-Os.

Bedtime has arrived. But, I have another new breakfast for tomorrow to continue mixing things up plus a busy and exciting evening!  G'night!


  1. I'm kind of iffy on Losing It, too. I really wanted to like it. It's like Biggest Loser... without being that inspirational. I'll probably catch next week's episode to see if I like that family more.

  2. 1. I like to mix it up too! I really think it makes the day more exciting!
    2. How did you walk 3 miles in 30 minutes if you are walking slow? That's a 10 minute mile! I don't even jog that fast.
    3. You seem to have far more patience than me for the length of this injury. Kudos on high spirits!

  3. I'm so excited for you about your new cardio options + non-sneakers! You may have been keeping things to yourself, but from a blog reader's perspective you have been unbelievably patient and optimistic during the course of your injury. I have a good feeling you will keep getting better and not need surgery