Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Time Suck and Ready to Go

I'm packed. Breakfast and snacks are ready to go. I just need to update this blog, shower, and sleep!

I got held up at work for an hour that I wasn't planning on which canceled my cardio session and set my otherwise very good day into a bit of stressful evening. I was worried about getting everything done with a clear head and in bed at a reasonable hour.  I ran to the salon to get my nails done when I knew deep down I should have done them myself. A few incidents, a heart-to-heart with the manager, and a crappy manicure that I could have done myself later, I am shopping for a new salon.

I was up with the sun this morning, about 45 minutes earlier than normal. I used this time to get in a strength training workout at home which was a great way to start my day. I also got a couple more things on my to-do list done. What a great way to start the day!

Breakfast was AMAZING! I think I had less cinnamon than normal in my cereal and the farm-fresh blueberries were out of this world :)

Lunch was leftover tofu and veggies plus a spinach salad with 21 Seasoning Salute and a few corn chips.

Snack was a smoothie with ~3/4c frozen berries, 1/2c almond breeze, 1/4c water, 1/4T PB, large handful of spinach.

Enter hangry time-suck experience at the salon...

Dinner was thrown together quickly. While I cooked my GF pasta I ate the last 1/2 serving of baked beans. This dish contains: serving brown rice pasta, 2oz chicken, frozen spinach and peas, onion and garlic powder, GF soy and teriyaki sauce. I stir fried everything but the pasta and added it when it finished cooking plus a splash of the water for extra moisture. Quick. Easy. Satisfying.

I wrapped up all of my chores, finished up the last few strawberries with a bit of yogurt, and now it's time to bid you goodnight. I can't let the wonderful blogosphere suck me in tonight. This lady needs her beauty sleep.

G'night y'all!

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  1. Have a wonderful rest of the week traveling! Have you ever tried rice spaghetti? I couldn't get it to stop clumping together. It was good but just very sticky. Thanks for your restaurant suggestions!