Thursday, June 10, 2010

Finishing Strong

Today was a strong finish to my work week. Tomorrow I head back to Austin for this girl's wedding weekend. I cannot wait! It also feels good to have back-to-back 4-day work weeks!

Breakfast was a strong finish to this heavenly jar of Trader Joe's crunch roasted almond butter with flax. I'd be lying if I didn't say that I'm secretly a little happy to have finished this jar of nut butter. It tasted so good I couldn't stay away from it, which increased my almond butter consumption over the past few weeks O:-)   I had "oats" in a jar with 1/4c BRM, 1/4c almond milk, 2/3c water, 1tsp chia seeds, 1/2c blueberries, and a pinch of crushed almond slices. Perfect way to start the day!

Lunch was another big salad, chicken, and an orange with a bit of PB because I ate less chicken that I have been other days this week.

My lovely winter haircut also finished strong. It's been a while since my last cut and I've reached the point of being unable to tame it. However, it curled nicely for its last hurrah before this afternoon's cut. I'm also happy to report that the new 'do looks nice as well.

I did something very unusual and skipped my snack today. From my hairdresser I went straight to the gym where I warmed up on the bike for 12 minutes, did 35 minutes of weights, and cooled down on the elliptical for 6 minutes.

By the time I got home I was quite hungry and whipped up a batch of kale chips and another serving of brown rice pasta from last night. I mixed it with salt, pepper, basil, garlic, 2T parm, and 1/2c tomato sauce. Plus a piece of garlic toast which is just sprayed with a bit of EVOO and sprinkled with garlic powder. It was delicious.

Tonight has been full of packing, cleaning, and tackling a to-do list with over 20 things on it. I'm close to being done which is exciting and I'm going to crash before my 4:45am wake up call. Ick. I ate a late snack of yogurt with berries, PB, cereal, and chia seeds which I'm hoping will keep me full for my travels to the airport in the morning.

I hope you guys have a great Friday!

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