Thursday, June 17, 2010


Despite it being a Thursday, today felt like the longest day of the week yet. I'm not sure why I'm in a mini funk - I'm getting plenty of sleep, my foot is feeling stronger each week, and I'm taking care of what I need to do. Perhaps its hormones? A summer slump? Stress?

I had to be at work earlier than usual for more of orientation. In honor of that, and the fact that it was becoming dangerous, I celebrated Thursday morning with Cherry Hot Cereal in a Chocolate PB jar!  This was intense. I didn't realize how sweet it would be and was glad to balance it out with an egg white. The warm chocolate PB was heavenly though!!

It was a long morning of sessions and I finally ate lunch at my desk around 1pm. I had another monster salad with:
  • spinach and romaine
  • 2 carrots
  • cucumber and broccoli
  • bell pepper
  • 1/4c black beans, ~1T fat free feta
  • same spices as the rest of the week
  • 6 or 7 blue corn chips

I spent the rest of the afternoon in meetings and then rushed home to tackle my laundry. Fun times. Somewhere in there I finished up the last 1/4c of yogurt in the container and added a few frozen berries and a drop of PB.

My grazing kicked in and after a few more chips, I decided to eat dinner and end the nibbling. I had the leftover half serving of pasta and roasted veggies that I topped with some tomato sauce and 1T parm. And a slice of garlic toast.

There was more grazing - I can't figure out why, perhaps I needed more protein? I had a few more chips, some eggplant and pepper dip, and a few pieces of baked tofu.

I dragged myself out of my apartment to meet a friend for a bit and ended up taking a 3.5 mile walk which felt glorious. It brought my mileage to 7.3 miles for the day and I only have a slight ache in my foot! On the way, I got a kids' sized Rita's Italian Ice - half vanilla, half mango-peach. Summer is officially here now that I've had my Rita's!

Time to shower and get to bed soon. I'm hoping this funk goes away - I have a ton to look forward to in the next 10 days and don't want to be mentally absent from it for even a moment! I'm hoping my brain will get itself organized soon :-)



  1. You are a walking machine! Have an awesome time tonight at birthday celebration #1...can't wait to hang out tomorrow!

  2. YUM Dark Chocolate Dreams. It is my favorite PB flavor. But I haven't had it for breakfast! Question--when you make oatmeal in a jar, does it not spew over? I know your oats aren't like mine, but was wondering since I have to use a huge bowl then dump into a smaller one.

  3. Rita's definitely means summer. I never have it in Philly but it is a big favorite when visiting my parents. I love their cake batter flavor, topped with sprinkles please.

    It so strange to hear you say the class of 2014. That actually makes me feel old. Especially considering that I'll graduate in 2012 with my Masters.