Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Chico's Overload

No, no, don't worry. I haven't abandoned my uber-fashionable style of sneakers with everything for this women's clothing store. But, I did find myself in the midst of their spring and summer collection last night, with a side of men in polos and Hawaiian shirts. Where the heck was I? At the James Taylor and Carole King concert!!  My friends and I spent a wonderful evening with these 2 music icons... and brought down the median age by at least 15 years :)

The truth is, I'm an old soul and never protested the music my parents had on the radio growing up. I was excited to see these two perform, and I even learned that Carole King sings some of my favorite "oldies" songs (that I had no clue who sang them before). It was a great summer night with friends!  The best ending - we all took advantage of the wonderful cool summer night and walked home to avoid the masses on the Metro. The downside: another late night = less sleep during a busy week.

As promised, here's just a sampling of things going on this week:
  • James Taylor / Carole King concert
  • multiple errands in preparation for my friend's wedding this weekend
  • orientation prep at work = lots of meetings
  • pilates
  • physical therapy and bike riding :)
  • packing
As a type-A personality, I need to get stressed out when I have a lot on my plate but the way I remedy that is by being super organized, scheduling everything on my calendar and keeping a to-do list full of any and everything that has to get done. It helps keep my mind from going into overdrive, controls my stress levels, and helps me track my progress and feel accomplished throughout the week. I also carved out an hour of relaxation time yesterday to read while laying on my roof. It was glorious and definitely calmed my mind!

Some of yesterdays eats:

Hot cereal with 1/4c almond milk, 2/3c water, chia, 1tsp PB drizzle, 1 crushed pecan, 1/2c berries

Cucumber slices with 21 Seasoning Salute

Spinach salad with chicken breast and asparagus tips

2oz yogurt with a drop of fig jam and cinnamon... plus a serving of brown rice chips - they're addicting and oh, so delicious

Veggie burger topped with BBQ and hot sauce, veggie salad, 1/4c brown rice mixed with spinach and soy sauce, serving of yogurt with a few raisins, cinnamon

How do you stay calm, cool, and collected during a busy week?

Who's your favorite "oldies" artist?

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