Monday, June 21, 2010

Silence is Golden

Happy Monday everyone! Despite waking up not fully rested (if felt like I never really fell asleep) I had a pretty good Monday. It can't hurt that tomorrow is my Friday since I'm traveling for the rest of the week though! Ok, I won't mention it again since I know it's just a plain ole Tuesday for most of you tomorrow.

I had a few random cravings for breakfast and went with it. 2 slices of toast, one with ~1tsp PB and some fig jam, one with an egg white and spinach, plus ~1/4c fresh berries. It all tasted fantastic, fresh, and light.

The morning was really quiet in the office because of orientation. Thankfully, the 2nd session is less hectic for me than the first, and I was able to be really productive all morning! The silence was much appreciated.

My breakfast ended up being pretty puny and I dove into lunch at 11:45am. On a bed of spinach I had roasted veggies, ~1oz. baked tofu, and some feta. Plus half a blueberry muffin and an apple with a smidge of almond butter.

Around 4 I was quite hungry and ended up picking up my favorite soup from Wasabi, the Cilantro and Chicken soup. I had the chicken on the side and saved it for later. This was a great decision because now I have something in my fridge for tomorrow.  I can probably imagine what you're thinking - it's the official start of summer and you ate soup?! Well, my office is so cold that it felt really good to heat something hot.

When I got home from work, I set out to conquer my to-do list. It was me and the hum of my air conditioner, no music, no TV and I felt so relaxed and focused in those 2.5 hours. I wasn't tempted to snack or take a break once. I guess I was craving quiet today!

I never really got hungry for dinner but knew I needed to eat. I had an English muffin, half with 1/4 slice of 2% provolone and hot sauce, half with some Earth Balance, plus a pear and half a serving of baked beans. It was comforting, easy, and enjoyed while lounging on my couch.

Since I didn't sleep well last night I'm extra tired and looking forward to an early bedtime and hopefully a good night's sleep!

Goodnight y'all :)

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  1. Hi I found your blog through twitter and through Marci! Its awesome, I love the way you write about food and follower for sure :)