Monday, June 28, 2010

Catch Up and a Blank Canvas!

Hi everyone! Happy Monday.  I am finally back from Chicago after a great 5 days. I'll share a full re-cap with y'all soon. For now, I am excited to show you this picture:

Yes, that's my empty fridge. The only things it contains are my Brita, condiments, cheeses, brown rice tortillas, carrots and beets, and yogurt. That means it's free for me to stock with some of my favorite healthy staples + some new summery foods for the week.

After traveling and eating [although somewhat healthy] conference foods plus some treats, I'm ready to get back on track as much as possible. Even if I have a few fun dinners this week.

I'm putting a call out to you guys - what are some of your favorite things that I might want to stock up on this week??

Have a great day!

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