Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Best Kind of Sunday

It was a lovely Sunday. The best kind in fact.

The sunshine-filled morning began with this little snack of raisins, Whole-Os, and cashews

And the Farmers Market had all sorts of delicious summer fruits. There aren't enough words to describe how happy things like fresh strawberries make me.

At 11, I met a lovely group of ladies for a blogger brunch. Meghann, Ashley, and a couple of others were in town for a marathon relay and made time to hang out with some DC bloggers and readers. I was happy to see Jacquie, whom I met in April, and catch up with her!

We had brunch at Scion which I suggested because it seemed like a great place to take a large group of healthy eaters.  Most of us took advantage of the fruit bar, which we snacked on while awaiting our entrees.

I got this build-your-own-omelet with egg whites, black beans, spinach, red pepper, and asparagus. It was great!

I never knew what a wonderful community existed until I started my blog. It always amazes me how easily conversations flow with complete strangers and of course, it's fun to make new friends!  I'm looking forward to hanging out with some of the other DC bloggers soon :)

My afternoon included a trip to Friendship Heights, killing time in Whole Foods during a monsoon, and reading whilst laying on my yoga mat. Perfection. There was about 1.5 servings of these chips in there - I had a craving while in WF.  I also snacked on this pear.

Dinner was smaller because of my snacks and munching all day. It's odd - I didn't eat breakfast within an hour of waking up like I normally do because of brunch and I've found myself grazing on all sorts of crap stuff all day long. Breakfast is good for you folks! And it should be substantial enough to avoid mindless munching for the rest of the day! Lesson learned :)

I whipped up this bowl of healthy fried rice with brussel sprouts, peas, corn, GF soy and teriyaki sauces, and a couple of ounces of chicken. Plus the last 1/4c of baked beans - I needed to clean out the fridge.

I ended my weekend in a perfect way - sitting outside with friends for a couple of hours as the sun set. The humidity is gone after our afternoon storms and it could not be more perfect. There were also french fries  :)  There might be some more munching tonight - I'm still in that kind of mood :-/

It really was the best kind of Sunday - food, fun, sun, and friends. I don't want Monday to come!

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  1. LOVED seeing and catching up with you too! I can't wait until we hang out again :)