Thursday, November 19, 2009

Zumba and an Empty Fridge

When I was 5, I started taking ballet and tap dance classes. Sure, it was fun, and I learned all of the basic ballet stances. I can remember carpooling to and from class with a friend of mine, the little pink button with a plastic tap shoe that was the clasp on my very own taps shoes, and that class wasn't so bad. That is, until it came time for our first recital.

I've never been one to be shy, and that wasn't the reason for my recital unhappiness. I admit it - the reason is pretty "me." I did not want to perform in my recital for 3 reasons very important to an opinionated 5-year old. I did not want to 1) wear pink tights, 2) put my hair in a bun, and 3) dance in a purple, sequined tutu with make up on. My first recital was my last and then I either moved on to gymnastics or soccer...

Tonight I caught a glimpse of my 5-year old dancing self in the mirror during my first Zumba class, insert sneakers and workout pants instead of ballet slippers and a tutu! I love to dance when I'm out with friends, at camp when we do Israeli folk dancing, and when the mood strikes me. But I'm definitely not one to ever think about auditioning for So You Think You Can Dance. Zumba class was great - fun, good music, intense cardio, and not a typical exercise class. The instructor was pretty good and the class was split between those who can dance and those who cannot. I fell into the latter category and loved every moment of it - trying to make my body do things that I'm just not good at, getting into the music, etc. AND, to top it all off, I felt like I had a really good workout. I think Zumba might have to be incorporated into the workout routine after Thanksgiving :-)

Tonight I packed, cleaned, and of course, watched Grey's Anatomy. Now it's off to bed to try to get some sleep before an exciting, busy, and fun weekend!!

Lunch #1was the rest of my roasted brussel sprouts, green beans, and 1/2 sweet potato.

Lunch #2 was the rest of my veggie fried rice.

And then I fell prey to the dreaded office distraction - free food. I treated myself to a lovely little bag of potatoe chips and they were oh-so-good!

I had a quick snack of an apple before Zumba. I wasn't so hungry after class so I finished off my lettuce in a salad and also finished the last 1/2c of black bean soup I had left over.

My night time snack was some plain yogurt with raisins, dried cherries and raisins, a drizzle of sugar-free syrup, and cinnamon, with a piece of cinnamon and PB toast. And my last 2 bites of my Babycakes cookie sandwich :)

I'm off to bed, with a thunderstorm and rain as my background noise :-)

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