Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Smart Choices and a Busy Start

Is it really only Tuesday? The past 2 days seem to have flown by and it's been pretty hectic and busy for me. I knew that when I planned to travel for 3 weekends in a row that things would be busy, but I always seem to forget what that day-to-day is like. So, with everything going on, forgive my inconsistent blogging.

Yesterday I had a quick breakfast of hot cereal and an egg white before heading off to the grocery store (my fridge was empty!). I decided that after skipping 3 days of workouts last week and being in NY this week, I needed to get back on track and try to eat smart and hold myself accountable for my workouts.

Once groceries were put away,it was off to work for the afternoon. I had meetings back-to-back-to-back which made the afternoon go by quickly but I never had time to really focus on any one particular thing. I squeezed in a quick salad consisting of lettuce, broccoli, black beans, carrots, a sprinkle of parm, and a smidge of Asian green bean salad. It was quick but healthy - I was proud I resisted the ominous less healthy options in the union across the street.

I did keep my promise to myself and go to yoga at 6pm and it felt so good to stretch. I wasn't too hungry when I got home so I had a salad and black bean soup, with 1/4 of my slice of cornbread I brought back from Babycakes. Mmmm!!

I settled in for a long night of session writing for my training this weekend for the sorority. 3 hours and 9 documents later, I was ready for my nighttime snack - a pear w/ some AB, a small nibble of a Babycakes carrot cupcake, and a slice of toast. It held me over until my 1am bedtime so it did the job.

This morning I was definitely regretting my late-night decision when my alarm went off. I had a 1/4c European style yogurt with a pear topped with cinnamon and AB. I also had an egg white with a piece of toast.

Now, it's off to get my haircut!

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