Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Back in the pool

All-in-all, it felt good to get back on campus and get my feet wet again after 5 days of being cooped up in my apartment (even though I didn't really have tons of energy to move). There was a 2-day professional development internal conference for staff and administrators and I was glad to get to attend at least one of the days' workshops. In between sessions, I grabbed a cup ofmy new favorite soup - cilantro and chicken, and it was exactly what I needed. At the end of my last session I was pretty exhausted so I headed home to take care of a few things, have an apple with some AB for a snack, and take a nap.

I was hoping to do some form of light exercise tonight but based on my lack-of energy I decided that I would be ignoring that idea. Instead, I decided to roast a second batch of brussel sprouts, along with a couple of sweet potatoes and bake an acorn squash. I did manage to do a few sets with my light weights while the veggies were in the oven and I felt better!

For dinner, I sauteed some spinach and edamame beans and served that over some GF pasta. I spooned the roasted veggies on top of that with a sprinkle of parmesan cheese. It was another low key night of watching the Yankees in Game 6. I had a piece of cinnamon toast as my bedtime snack and now it's off to bed. I'm hoping that some more of my energy comes back tomorrow!

Good night!

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