Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Biggest Loser Motivation

Despite the fact that this was a long day, I typically like Tuesdays for 2 reasons. What could possibly make me like Tuesdays? Easy: the Biggest Loser and my favorite gym class, cardio sculpt! I was definitely looking forward to both all day long.

I headed to work after getting my haircut. Because I was so foggy-eyed this morning, I forgot to pack a lunch and had to get food on campus. Disappointed with the oiliness of my Wasabi soup the last time I got it, I opted to try a salad from The Burro. I got a simple salad w/ lettuce, tomatoes, black beans, cheese, and jalapenos. I got the chips on the side (and only ate 3) and opted for salsa as my dressing. When I got back to the office, I realized that my salad was drowning in shredded cheese which I proceeded to attempt and remove. I did a pretty good job, and picked around the cheese where I could.

I came home and decided to do some cooking before the gym since I had the time and also needed to destress. I had a snack of an apple and a little bite of black bean soup. I headed to the gym early to try to get in some extra cardio and managed 1.05 miles before a class that kicked my butt! Coupled with some extra walking because of my haircut and my new habit of running to / from the gym, I was quite hungry when I got home.

I defrosted a turkey burger patty which I had on a slice of my GF bread with 3/4c broccoli and 1c snap peas. Then, it was back to the kitchen to finish cooking my lunch for tomorrow - veggie fried rice. I tasted about 1/4c (mostly veggies) and am trying to distract myself for a bit before I probably end up rummaging for a snack as I watch the Biggest Loser and work on my training sessions.

The later we get in the season, the more inspired I get by the BL contestants to be healthy. What starts as eating whatever I want while watching (for me, fruit and toast, for my parents - ice cream!) morphs into a more conscious decision about if I'm hungry or not, if I've already met my points intake for the day, and what I'm in the mood for. BL is truly one of my favorite shows on tv because I love watching the contestants work their butts off - it really motivates me to stay healthy (but not in a crazy way, as Bob put it tonight).

Today's workout:
3.02 mi., walking
1.35mi, running
1.05 mi, elliptical sprint
60 minutes cardio sculpt

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